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How To Strip The Ball Successfully In Madden 21

Stripping is taking the ball from the opponent, here is how to strip the ball in Madden 21 and increase your chance of wining the game.

Stripping the ball off of opponents in Madden 21 will help you win back possession and be ready to have an attack set up. While it looks incredibly easy, it isn’t so and you will need to learn when and how to strip the ball off in Madden 21. If you wish to know, make sure to check out this entire article and you’ll get an idea on how to do it.

How To Strip The Ball In Madden 21

Madden 21 is faster and tougher than ever and no longer will your usual tactics give you the win that you’re accustomed to in the game. You will need to put your weight into the game and win matches all by yourself and the first thing to do is strip the ball off your opponents.

  1. Stripping the ball will offer you an immediate turn of possession which you can then use to launch a counter-attack of your own and hopefully run the whole length of the football pitch.
  2. Keep in mind that fumbles are part of the game and can happen anytime, so you should be ready for it at any time. Fumbles usually happen when a player takes a hard hit. This will usually make the player lose control of the ball and lose possession.
  3. If you want to strip the ball off an opposition player make sure to Press R1 on PS4 and RB on Xbox One to take the ball off of your opposition player. Now there is no certainty that you will be successful but make sure that when stripping the ball you’re not in a position where the offensive player makes a beeline towards the endzone.

Stripping a ball depends on a lot of factors and every player has skill with carrying the ball that makes them prone to fumbles but has to be done carefully.

Give the opposition player as less of a space as possible and then initiate the grab and you’ll be able to get possession of the ball in a jiffy. This is all there is to know about how to strip the ball in Madden 21.