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How To Block A Field Goal In Madden 21

Easily block a field goal in Madden 21.

Madden 21 is all set to release and players are still not much comfortable with the complete mechanics of the game. To increase your win rate in the game, it is essential to know how to block a field goal in Madden 21. This will not only save some points but also create an opportunity to score some. If you are able to block a field goal and then return the ball for a touchdown, you can score some valuable points that can mean the difference between a victory and a loss. If you are unfamiliar with how to block a field goal in Madden 21, here’s a guide to help you with just that.


Madden NFL 21: How to Block a Field Goal

Timing your rush is the most important thing if you need to block a field goal. You can block both short and long field goals with different tactics. For the shorter kick, it is best to jump in the air to block the field goal. This can be easily done by pressing Y in Xbox and Triangle in PS4. This will do it for shorter kicks that go high in the air but not the distance.

To block a long kick field goal, you will have to dive. The controls to perform a dive in Madden 21 is by hitting X in Xbox One and Square in PS4. If you are successful in timing your dive, it will block a field goal in Madden 21. Diving is used to block long kicks because here opponents will try to hit a flat kick that can go to a farther distance.

That’s how you block a field goal in Madden 21. But only blocking the field goal will not help you win matches. To win competitive games, you will also need to learn a few other tricks such as performing a QB slide in Madden 21. You can create a team of your own to rule out opponents and be the ultimate champion of the game.


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