Splitgate Drops: How To Get And Open

Find out how to get and open Splitgate Drops.

Splitgate has a mechanic where you get Drops in the game that contain various rewards for your in-game character. There are various ways to get these drops in the game with each method focusing on one aspect: Gameplay time. As you reach higher levels in the game you will get even more premium rewards. So, scroll down and find out how to get and open these drops.

How to get Drops in Splitgate?

Splitgate Drops: How To Get And Open

There are 4 methods by which you can get drops in the game. These are as follows:

  • Arena Pass Drops
  • Daily Logins
  • Leveling Up
  • Weekly Challenges

Arena Pass Drops

The Arena Pass is basically like the Battle Pass in Fortnite. This is an additional item that you will have to purchase from the store. As part of this pass, you will get various extra drops and rewards. Every fourth tier that you reach will net you one extra drop.

Daily Login Splitgate Drops

Every single day that you log into the game you will get a specified reward. These rewards reset every week. So, every fourth day you will get a free Drop from the game.

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Leveling Up

As you keep progressing in the game you will earn experience points in return. These XPs will allow you to progress and with every level increase, you will get a free Drop.

Weekly Challenges

There will be various Daily Challenges that you will come across in Splitgate. As rewards for completing these challenges, you will also get XP along with free drops.

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How to open Splitgate Drops?

Once you get a drop, all you have to do is head over to the ‘Reward Center’ in the game. Next, select the ‘Drops’ option to view all the drops you have received until now. Simply open the drops to reveal all the rewards inside.

This is everything you need to know about how to open and get Splitgate Drops. While you are here you can also have a look at all the available game modes in Splitgate.