All Splitgate Game Modes List

Here are all the game modes in Splitgate that you can try out. Know your objective in every casual game mode & win those rounds.

Splitgate has an interesting premise on its own but with different game modes, players have no time to get bored. In this article, I’ll tell you about all the game modes in Splitgate and what do they offer. Know the objectives of each mode, try them all out and pick your favorite one to keep playing.

All Splitgate Game Modes – Full List

all splitgate game modes explained

This is the list of all game modes currently available in Splitgate.

Splitgate Game Mode Target
Team Deathmatch Kill an enemy to get points.
Free for All Kill an enemy to get points.
King of the Hill Maintain the capture of a hill and score points by standing inside it.
Domination Capture three hills to score points but it’s not required to stay in it after the capture.
Capture the Flag Players have to capture a flag from the enemy team’s spawn and bring it back to the base.
Team SWAT Kill an enemy team to get points.
Team Oddball Grab and control the ball to get points.
VIP There will be a VIP in every team (selected randomly) that you need to kill. When a team kills the enemy VIP 10 times, it will win. Note that the VIP cannot create portals but will have x2 health.
Laser Tag You get only 30 health in this game mode.
Fiesta Eliminate the entire enemy team to get points and the loadouts will be random.
One in the Chamber You get one bullet to use and after that you can only do Melee combat. If you get a kill, you will get a new bullet.
Neutral Capture the Flag There is only one flag in this mode that you have to capture.
Gun Game When you kill a player, you will get a new weapon. You have to get kills with every weapon until you have used all of them. Whoever uses all of the weapons first, wins. When you melee kill opponents, you can lower their Gun tier.
Takedown Kill every team member from the enemy team and win the rounds. With every death, the spawn times increase.
Showdown You will get random loadouts in every round and you get no respawns. Kill the enemy team to win.
Team Shotty Snipers Eliminate the enemy team to get points.

splitgate casual modesThat’s all the basics you need to know before jumping into the game. The more you play, the more acquainted you can get with the game mode and choose your favorites. The developers have tried to add quite a bit of variety in these creative modes so it’s going to be a fun time no matter which mode you choose.

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