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Spelunky 2 Shopkeeper Forgiveness: Safely Steal & Be Forgiven

Want to know how to get Shopkeeper forgiveness in Spelunky 2? Find out how to steal from them safely and be forgiven for it.

Shopkeepers in Spelunky 2 are very important NPCs because you can buy or steal stuff from them. But if you harm or kill one shopkeeper, all of them will get very aggressive and hunt you ruthlessly. They will appear at the end of every level and won’t hesitate to shoot you with shotguns. Some might even kill you in one shot – that’s how powerful they are. But there is a way to ensure you get Shopkeeper forgiveness. Curious to know how to steal from the Shopkeeper safely and get forgiven for it? Follow these steps.

How to Safely Steal from Shopkeeper in Spelunky 2 (Forgiveness)



In order to get the shopkeeper forgiveness, you need to conduct your robbery without attacking or killing the shopkeeper. It sounds simple to do but it is absolutely not. There are a few tricks you can use – like bombs or ropes, to make your way to the item you want to steal and escape immediately. You can also use webs and shields to your advantage. Creating a perfect plan and executing the heist will ensure that you safely steal from the shopkeeper in Spelunky 2 and get forgiveness.

So, to avoid being a hunted person in the game, you need to steal from the shopkeeper without hurting, attacking or killing him. When you do this in one level and exit, you will be forgiven. No more stress of getting attacked by them – now you can buy anything you want without fear.


At the end of the day, you need to take your pick. Do you want to be brave and murder them all or do you want to take the sneaky but challenging way out? It is totally up to you. While you are here though, don’t forget to check out our Spelunky 2 Wiki Guide that has all the other crucial tips you need.