Elden Ring Sorcery Tier List

Looking for the best sorcery spells? Check out our Elden Ring Sorcery tier list to find out the best sorceries ranked from best to worst.

Elden Ring features a plethora of different types of weapons, sorceries, and incantation spells to use. With the recent Colosseum update, several players have begun exploring overpowered weapons or Magic spells. If you have a mage build or class, you might want to focus on the most overpowered sorceries. But which are those? Not to worry, we have compiled the best sorcery spells and placed them into tiers ranking from S tier to D tier. So, check out our Elden Ring Sorcery Tier list to find out the best sorceries ranked from best to worst.

Elden Ring Sorcery Tier List

As mentioned earlier, there’s a wide range of sorcery spells available in Elden Ring. While having a PVP fight, most of them can be used for situational advantage. But some overpowered sorcery spells can also be used for taking down the bosses.

elden ring sorcery tier list

So, here’s our Elden Ring Sorcery Tier list ranging from S Tier to D Tier:

Tiers Sorceries
S Tier Carian Phalanx
S Tier Comet Azur
S Tier Crystal Torrent
S Tier Glintstone Pebble
S Tier Great Oracular Bubble
S Tier Loretta’s Greatbow
S Tier Rock Sling
S Tier Stars of Ruin
S Tier Terra Magica
A Tier Zamor Ice Storm
A Tier Swift Glintstone Shard
A Tier Stars of Ruin
A Tier Shard Spiral
A Tier Roiling Magma
A Tier Renalla’s Full Moon
A Tier Ranni’s Dark Moon
A Tier Magic Glintblade
A Tier Glintstone Icecrag
A Tier Glintstone Cometshard
A Tier Glintstone Arc
A Tier Collapsing Stars
A Tier Carian Slicer
A Tier Carian Piercer
A Tier Carian Greatsword
A Tier Adula’s Moonblade
A Tier Cannon of Haima
B Tier Greatblade Phalanx
B Tier Ambush Shard
B Tier Gavel of Haima
B Tier Meteorite of Astel
B Tier Night Comet
B Tier Rancorcall
B Tier Night Shard
B Tier Glintstone Stars
B Tier Comet
B Tier Glintblade Phalanx
B Tier Loretta’s Mastery
B Tier Rykard’s Rancor
B Tier Night Maiden’s Mist
B Tier Crystal Barrage
B Tier Gelmir’s Fury
B Tier Eternal Darkness
B Tier Meteorite
C Tier Briars of Sin
C Tier Unseen Form
C Tier Founding Rain of Stars
C Tier Explosive Ghostflame
C Tier Crystal Release
C Tier Briars of Punishment
C Tier Ancient Death Rancor
C Tier Carian Retaliation
C Tier Gravity Well
C Tier Scholar’s Armament
C Tier Scholar’s Shield
C Tier Star Shower
C Tier Oracle Bubbles
C Tier Frozen Armament
C Tier Shattering Crystal
C Tier Shatter Earth
C Tier Rock Blaster
C Tier Crystal Burst
C Tier Fia’s Mist
C Tier Magma Shot
D Tier Freezing Mist
D Tier Thop’s Barrier
D Tier Unseen Blade
D Tier Starlight
D Tier Tibia’s Summon
D Tier Magic Downpour
D Tier Thops’s Barrier

The Sorcery spells placed in the S Tier are exceptionally great in most situations including PVP and PvE modes. While the spells in A & B tiers are great in several situations. The sorceries in the B tier are best suited to use with a particular weapon build. On the other hand, the spells placed in the C tier are usually not recommended. But they can be effective with a mage build or a particular weapon. Now, for the D Tier, these spells are usually best to eliminate normal enemies or mini-bosses. But you can use them situationally to your advantage.

Lastly, you can also try out other Sorcery spells to take down the bosses based on your preferences. That’s because, in the end, it all depends on your playstyle, experience, class, and build type. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

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