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Sony PS5 Can Cost Over $1000 – Price Leaked From Swedish Website

It is more than expensive than expected

Sony PS5 rumors and leaked are flooding vital information claiming this console is the true Next-Gen gaming console coming up. But what about the price, everything is perfectly fine. The upgraded hardware, design, and all features. For a gamer, it is vital to know whether this new console will fall in the affordable price or it will break all the boundaries of its predecessor.

Swedish website MediaMarkt updated a listing of Sony PS5 Pre-order. Listed at a price of 9999 Swedish Corona, that roughly translates to $1047 and around Rs.72,000 INR. If this is an accurate price then Sony PS5 during the launch is landing into an expensive price slot. It is also rumored Sony PS5 will take the codename “Anaconda”. (My anaconda don’t, my anaconda don’t) Really.


It can also be a rumore or an accidental listing or can be anything but to some extent this price is falling right because of PS5 Specification. The new console will be beefed up with much higher hardware then what we have right now.

Sony launched PS4 in the year 2013, and today starts at a price of $300, in the gap of 6 years games have been upgraded a lot. 4K is getting a standard resolution, to support such high resolution and resource-intensive game, possibly Sony will have to execute a much bigger plan for at-least next 6 years.

Sony analyst  Hideki Yasuda had earlier said that Sony will launch PS5 on November 2020, the price he shared was $499. This can also hint that Sony can release multiple versions of PS5 similar to the strategy by Microsoft.


New PS5 will be powered by 8core AMD Ryzen Cpu and new 7nm Zen 2 Micro-architecture. It will also feature next-gen Radeon GPU capable of Ray Tracing and high-performance SSD for zero loading screens.

Source: News18