Sony’s PS5 Confirmed To Be Backwards Compatible

Moving ahead Sony has shown promises that will go beyond the expectations of the people with the PS5 but that does not mean that they will abandon the PS4 community, in a recent meeting it was announced that the PS5 will be backward compatible, which means that you can still buy a PS5 and be able to join your friends in the same game.

This is wonderful news taking in consideration that not everyone can get their hands on the brand new console on the launch date, also the fact the all your favorite PS4 titles will work seamlessly on the PS5 will let you team up with friends who have not upgraded and not break the unity that brought you all together.

This is wonderful news to the players as well as the developers who are looking to make content for the next generation but can also be at peace knowing that their titles will work just as good on the new console if not better than ever before.

The PlayStation community is vast and large and to get everyone together irrespective of consoles would be a great initiative.

Sony is making progress in the next generation console, which does not have a release date yet but the signs look promising and still working hard to deliver breathtaking titles for the current generation console.