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Leak Claims New PS5 Will Run on Amd Ryzen, 8K Resolution & Coming In Year 2020

New PS5 Might Fear 8K Resolution, PSVR2 Will Company The New Console

Leaks and rumors on the internet claim anything and hardly a few percents of them proved to be true with time. But certain leaks and rumors do points towards vital information not easy to miss, and this time we bring you info about Sony’s upcoming console PlayStation 5 that has been surfing around rumors from pretty long time. Sony is super quiet on PS5, while as a per leak from Pastebin the console will be entering the market in the year 2020.

Does this means Sony will reveal PS5 in E3 2020 because this year Sony had officially announced they are not participating E3. The next year might bring us some really big updates, the rumors and leaks we are discussing currently are not backed by any official details. Yet it is interesting to know what all new things PS5 will come with and what new games are releasing in 2020.

Pastebin leak is coming from a European game developer who claimed to be working on PS5 Launch game. He claimed the new console will be coming up with beefed up hardware with PSVR 2 and some new games during the early launch period.

I’m a third party small developer from EU,for the last 8 months i’ve been helping a well known company in a AAA game development that is set to release in 2020 as a lunch game for PS5. Some infos that i’d like to share that are 99% correct(i say 99% because small incremental hardware change can occur till 2020,although specs are set in stone). – said the developer who shared the leak on Pastebin.

He claimed PS5 official info will be coming from Sony around next E3, there could be a small reveal during Q2 2019. A tentative official release of the new console will be around March or November 2020. The console will be backward compatible and it will be powered by CPU 7nm Ryzen 8 Core 16 thread processor with GPU 7nm Navi architecture around 14TF, Sony is working with AMD or Navi to bring a powerful yet power efficient console. He claimed to have a 24GB GDDR6 + 4GB GDDR4 + 32GB dev kit. PS5will have a 2TB storage and it will support 8K upscaling.

New Dualshock 5 controller will have a camera to for VR support, it will feature analog precision for fps game and have a trackpad similar to the steam analog trackpad.

Sony will also reveal PSVR 2 with the new console that will feature some 4 to 5 hours of battery life, integrated headphone, 220 FOV, eye tracking, less motion sickness, no breaker box, less cable management and it will focus more on AAA games.

PS5 will carry a price tag of $499 and PSVR will be around $250. Exclusive games that will come with the new console is Gran Turismo 7 (VR), PUBG Remaster 4K that will be part of PS+ and it will only support PS5, Last of US 2 Remaster, Ghost of Tshushima Remaster with more two to three AAA games.

The last vital information that we found interesting in the leak is about GTA 6, but there are no enough details. The leak reveals this new game will be having bigger cities.

Source: Pastebin

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