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PS5 New Specs Highlights – 4 Major Changes And Why It Matters

SSDs, New GPU, 8K Scaling & More For Next Level Gaming

Microsoft moved to the next level by releasing Xbox One a brand new line of console claimed to be the strongest gaming console in the market. Following the race Sony will be bringing PS5 soon, however, there are fewer chances we can hear more about this E3 because Sony had already announced they are skipping the biggest game event of the year.

Sony PS5 will be different, and it’s not just a upgraded console, but something new where gamers will enjoy next level gaming. We bring you four big things how Sony PS5 will be a different console and it does matter a lot for those who want to buy it or who are waiting for an upgrade.

SSD’s – No more loading screens

Current PS4 has a 500GB or 1TB storage hard drive with 5400rpm. The standard drive that relies on the motor speed for reading and writes is limited and game sizes are increasing. PS4 exclusive games like Red Dead Redemption touches 100GB and Days Gone was speculated to be around 67GB. Such a high amount of data requires a high read/write speed to deliver optimum performance that can only be managed by SSD’s that features Gb/s read and write speed.

New CPU, Graphic Chip & Audio Processor

New PS5 will be based on new hardware as per certain leaks. The console will be powered by an eight-core processor from AMD’s Ryzen series and a custom GPU that will be based on AMD’s Navi family. New hardware architecture will let PS5 touch new levels of performance, one big feature we pulled out about the console is 8K scaling which means 4K will become a standard resolution. The current edition of PS4 uses upscaling feature to deliver 4K which is not really 4K. Gamers will enjoy the true 4K experience on their favorite big size screens on new PS5.

AMD Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing is a new rendering technique that generates an image by tracing the path of light as pixels in an image. This new technology aims to bring a highly detailed image quality. AMD’s next-gen GPU based on Navi architecture will feature Ray Tracing. PS5 is rumored to be having one of these where you can experience high-quality detailed images on max available resolution.

More Immersive VR Experience

VR and 3D are different concepts, 3D was never taken seriously by game developers, but VR is under their to-do list. A lot of new games will get VR edition where PSVR will become an important accessory. It is rumored with PS5, Sony will also introduce new wireless PSVR 2, a new headset with minimum cable management, dual shock controller with camera for VR tracking, etc.

The biggest difference between PS3 and PS4 was the new console was 10x more powerful and if consider the same upgrades the PS5 will surely deliver 10x than what we have today. There are no accurate details whether we will see PS5 this year or Sony will wait till E3 2020.

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