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Days Gone PS4 Download Size – This Game Is Bigger Than GTA 5

Download Size Of Days Gone Is higher than Spider Man and Horizon Zero Down.

Days Gone features six hours of the massive cinematic story leaving aside the other content. The game is pretty massive, an open world survival race against human and zombies. Recently we are able to track down the download size of this game, the info is coming through leaks officially Days Gone is landing on April 26, but this is the approx size you will need to free up in your PS4 console to play the game.

Days Gone download size is around above 60GB. It is rumored to be around 67GB through different sources. Recent games like Division 2 was around 50Gb at launch, Anthem was approx 36 GB and requires 50GB free space. Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Down also falls under 50GB category while RDR 2 was whooping 88GB on launch.

No doubt Days Gone is a big game with tons of missions, side missions, and other activities. In the massive 67GB space six hours of cinematic is blended which is also an important aspect of Days Gone. Through the map size, it is possible to figure out the massiveness of Days Gone, a recent leak showed there are different locked regions that will be revealed as players progress. Stays tune for more updates for Days Gone, thanks for reading.

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