Days Gone Voice Artist Reveals The Game Has Over Six Hours Of Cinematic

Side Missions and Scenes Added To Create A Emotional Bond Between Character And Players

Days Gone release is around the corner and we are getting a more fresh update about this open-world survival game. Recently in an interview Sam Witwer the voice of Days Gone’s Deacon St. John shared his experience working Sony Bend on how he developed the right mood to blend with the protagonist. he was talking with Electric Playground.

Sam Witwer spoke about how bringing the character to life the tedious period of nine months after he grabbed the improvisational elements and with this, he also revealed the hours of Cinematic Days Gone has that talks a lot about the main story. He said there are about 6 hours of cinematic in Days Gone.

Starting with the game was the hardest part said Witwer, as the recording was not going as expected. He added that for the first nine months Sony and team at Sony Bend shot different version of the same scene repeatedly to get the right tone and personality of the character. This process was long, but it served a lot to Witwer who was later able to understand the character.

Direct John Garvin and the team was aware of the project requirements, and so the development progressed. Witwer also mentioned that Garvin encouraged the cast to bring more improvements to the scene so that they can pull out some interesting moments for Days Gone.

With over six hours of just cinematic represent Days Gone will carry a massive storyline with various characters. You can watch the full interview above. Days Gone is releasing on April 26 on PS4.

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