Days Gone Full Map Leak Before Launch

The Never Ending War Of Survival Beings.

PS4 exclusive Days Gone is releasing in month of April on 29, announced last year this open one survival game pre-released videos were really amazing. The game has already been delayed, it was scheduled for February 22 release and now the date is shifted to the month of April. Thanks to recent event where Days Gone was available under preview finally gave us a chance to get something new about the game.

Days Gone Full Map was able to get hands on full Days Gone Map, and we are sharing the images below. Refer the link for more info on the official source of this news.

days gone full map leak 1 days gone full map leak 2 days gone full map leak 3 days gone full map leak 4

There are four screenshots that shows the massive Days Gone Map and the mission. Mostly set into mountain regions, Days Gone will take you to a new immersive world destroyed by zombies. Gamers are having high expectations from Days Gone, due to its incredible gameplay.

Through the map system, players can travel around the open region, pick objectives. The map is covered and will be revealed as players travel around. There are markers that define safe and dangerous areas, a simple way for players to find where not to step in.

Players will also see areas to gather supplies, this is an important aspect of the game. Along with free roam objectives, you can play the story of Deacon St. John, a former outlaw turned bounty hunter. Motorcycle looks like the default ride in the game, but there will be we assume. Till yet we had seen the protagonist only riding a bike around the root.

Days Gone will also feature a skill tree where upgrading player abilities will play a major role in various aspect of the game. The game has three editions Collectors, Digital Deluxe and Standard all available for pre-order through PS Store.

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