Sony To Reveal PlayStation 5 In February 2020

Sony PlayStation 5 reveal is less than a month away, yes you read it correctly. The reveal was confirmed by David Jaffe over twitter when we said that Sony is going to reveal its next-gen console to the public.

According to the twitter exchange, the God of War and Twisted Metal creator said that the PlayStation 5 is the worst kept secret right now and will be revealed in February 2020.

Sony PS5 Release Date

The conversation began with a discussion about Sony skipping E3 this year and David said that Sony skipping E3 is the best course of action that the company can make.

This may be due to the fact that Sony wants to focus and pull their resources towards developing a better console rather than putting on a show. You can check out the entire Twitter conversation right here.

David further goes to say that Sony would rather spend the money spent on E3 on their own terms with the majority of it going to press events and this would rather give Sony the control as to how they want their information to flow.

Microsoft confirmed that Xbox will be making an appearance at E3 this year and will show more about their upcoming titles as well as the Xbox Series X console.

The design of the new console is another feature that a lot of people have been and while the dev kit has had a ‘V’ shape, the official console is safely kept hidden and no leaks have yet surfaced on the internet.

ps5 dev kit

We’re really hyped up for the release of PlayStation 5 and will be making sure that each and every detail about it is covered. Make sure that you stick around for more leaks and insider news only on GamerTweak.

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