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Clash Of Clans – How To Beat Snow Day Challenge

Christmas is here and the Snow Day Challenge is upon us. Here is how you can beat it in Clash Of Clans.

The Holiday Season is here and Christmas is right around the corner. Like every year, Clash of Clans has welcomed the Holiday Spirit with the Clashmas Update. With Clashmas, there is a new Event that everybody can take part in and earn free rewards. This event is the Snow Day Challenge. It is a limited-time event and the rewards it gives are pretty neat. In Today’s guide, I will show you how to Beat the Snow Day Challenge in Clash of Clans (COC).

How to Beat Snow Day Challenge in Clash of Clans COC

snow day challenge

The Snow Day Challenge in COC is a limited-time event that grants the winner 400 EXP and a Shovel of Obstacles. The Base of the challenge is massive and open, covering the whole map. With its massive size, it has many open sections littered with Freeze Traps. This is an easy challenge as you get decent troops for the attack but your Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden are at Level 10 and you get 2 Freeze Spells & 2, Santa Spells. With these Heroes, we have to face a Town Hall 11 but we do get a Level 10 Royal Champion. To Beat the Challenge, the game has given us:

  • Barbarians x30
  • Archers x20
  • Giants x2
  • Goblins x10
  • Wall Breakers x2
  • Hog Riders x2
  • Witches x2
  • Bowlers x2
  • Barbarian King Level 10
  • Archer Queen Level 10
  • Grand Warden Level 10
  • Royal Champion Level 10
  • Santa Spells x2
  • Freeze Spells x2

This is our Army loadout for the Snow Day Challenge. It may not seem like much but this is enough for our victory. Let’s see how we can defeat the Snow Day Challenge in Clash of Clans.

Steps on beating the Challenge

snow day challenge battle

  • Step 1: Santa’s Suprise
    On the easternmost side of the Snow Day Challenge Base, there will be a Pocket with a Wizard Tower and a Mortar. Drop both of the Santa Spells that you have in between them. The Wizard Tower should get damaged to about half of its health and Mortar should have received a lot of Damage too. Now to the east of the Base, there will be a bunch of Trees. Among those Trees, there will be a Hidden Tesla. Drop a Giant and a Barbarian to take it out. Once they clear the Hidden Tesla, they will move towards the BAse.
  • Step 2: The Hog Funnel
    Now a little bit south to the Wizard Tower and Mortar, there will be 2 Archer Towers outside of the Base and an Inferno Tower inside of the Base. Carefully place a few Barbarians on the Archer Towers and put some Archers behind them. Use as little Barbarians & Archers as possible here but take out both Archer Towers, use 9 Barbarians & 6 Archers for that. Once the Archer Towers are down, place a Giant such that it locks onto the Inferno Tower. While the Inferno is distracted, put down both Hog Riders on the Inferno Tower. The Giant that you had used for the Hidden Tesla will now tank shots from the Wizard Tower. place a few Archers to take out that Wizard Tower. If done correctly, that entire Pocket and a few more defenses should go down.
  • Step 3: The Royal Champion Deployment
    There will be 2 Archer Towers in the exact opposite position from the ones you just took out. Repeat the same process to take these out with Barbarians & Archers. Don’t use up all of the Barbarians & Archers. Go to the Southern section of the Base, deploy your Royal Champion with the Grand Warden behind her. She should target the Archer Tower first. There will be an Inferno Tower right next to the Wizard Tower and some Resource Buildings on the Southern side. Deploy some Goblins on the Resource Buildings next to the Inferno Tower. As the Royal Champion is making her way to the Inferno Tower, place & stagger some Barbarians to distract the Inferno Tower. As the Royal Champion moves ahead, the Clan Castle Troops will be released. Use a Freeze Spell on them so the Royal Champion can take them out. After taking those Troops out, the Royal Champion will target a Mortar and will trigger a Hidden Tesla. Activate her Ability at that moment.
  • Step 4: Release The Cavalry
    Now at the Northern side of the Base, put down Goblins to trigger the Freeze Traps at the entrances of the Base. Now, deploy a Barbarian and then a Wall Breaker just behind him to create an opening at the top of the Base. At the back, place both Witches to spawn some Skeletons, drop some Barbarians for distraction, your Barbarian King at the opening, the Archer Queen to follow him, and a Bowler to clear the buildings in the surrounding area. Activate the Warden’s Ability to keep the Royal Champion alive. If done correctly, all of your Heroes should meet up at the top of the Base.
  • Step 5: Clear Up Time
    Now at the Western side of the Base, there will be a Wizard Tower. Place a Barbarian to distract and then drop your last Bowler on it. You have a Freeze Spell in reserve and use it when the Royal Champion will need it. At this point, all of the Base’s Defences should be destroyed and your troops are clearing it up. Drop your remaining Troops around the map and activate your Heroes Abilities to speed up the Clearing process.

Once the Troops finish Clearing the Base, you will have completed the Snow Day Challenge in Clash of Clans. The main tactic in this Challenge is Funneling. This is a pretty common tactic in COC and this is basically what we are doing this event. This is one of the many ways you can beat the challenge. Hopefully, this guide helped you in beating the Snow Day Challenge in COC. You can also check out our guides on Promo Codes and Scenery in Clash of Clans.