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How To Change The Scenery In Clash Of Clans

Here is how to change the Scenery in Clash Of Clans.

Over the years, Clash Of Clans went from not having cosmetics to a full range of skins Heroes as well as the whole Village Map. One such cosmetic in the game is the Scenery. The Scenery is like other skins but for your environment. They are limited-time offers that are purchasable by real currency. But once you do have them, how do you equip them? Today I will show you how to change the Scenery in Clash Of Clans.

How to change the Scenery in CoC

scenery in coc

If you have acquired Scenery then this is what you will have to do. Go to your Main Village and locate your Town Hall. Click on the Town Hall of your base. As a result of clicking the Town Hall, you will be given 4 options. The options are Info, Upgrade(if your Town Hall is not maxed out), Magic Items, and Change Scenery. You will be shown the Sceneries you own on clicking the Change Scenery. Now over here, select the Scenery you want to equip. Click on the Select button to equip the Scenery in Clash Of Clans. With this, you have successfully changed your Scenery in CoC.

How to unlock Sceneries

Sceneries in Clash Of Clans are not F2P friendly. To clarify, a Scenery is only obtainable by micro-transactions. The cost is about USD 6.99 a Scenery. As of this article, it is the case. However, in the future, the player base will be able to unlock Scenery through the Gold Pass or even the Regular Pass. Although there is a Scenery you can unlock for free. The catch is you will have to have a Town Hall 14 to unlock it.

This was all about the Changing Scenery Skins in Clash Of Clans. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in showing off your new drip to your friends. You can also check out our guides on Besting the Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge in Clash Of Clans.