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How To Beat Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge In Clash Of Clans

Halloween is here and the Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge is upon us. Here is how you can beat it in Clash Of Clans.

Since its Halloween season 2021, Clash Of Clans is at it again with the new sweet content. With the update they have added a lot of new stuff like new scenery, new challenges, they brought back the Royal Ghost for a limited time, and so on. Speaking of challenges, CoC has a limited-time challenge called the Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge. It is a very tough challenge and today I will show you how to beat the Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge in Clash Of Clans.

How to Beat the Pumpkin Graveyard in COC

pumpkin graveyard base

The Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge is a limited-time event that grants the winner 400 EXP and a Shovel of Obstacles. The base of the challenge is massive, covering the whole map. With its massive size, it has many open sections littered with Skeleton Traps. But that’s not even the hard part, the entire circular section of the base is filled with Tesla Towers. A Tesla farm if you will. Oh, also there are Royal Ghosts around the map as well as there are Super Witchs in the Clan Castle. Now to counteract the challenge, the game has given us:

  • Pumpkin Barbarians x40
  • Valkyries x3
  • Super Bowler x1
  • Barbarian King with Electro Owl
  • Archer Queen with L.A.S.S.I.
  • Grand Warden with Mighty Yak
  • Royal Champion with Unicorn
  • Healing Spells x1
  • Invisibility Spells x2

This is our Army loadout for the Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge. It may not seem like much but this is enough for our victory. Let’s see how we can defeat the Pumpkin Graveyard challenge in Clash of Clans.

Steps on beating the Challenge

  • Step 1: Super Bowler and Valk Combo
    In the right-hand corner of the base, there will be a Builders Hut. Next to it, there will be a small opening inside of the Base. Place a Valk and then the Super Bowler in it. This will take care of the Builders Hut as well as the numerous Skeletons that will spawn. While you are dropping the Super Bowler, start placing a few Pumpkin Barbarians like 3 or 4 near the entrance in front of the Bomb Towers. This will distract them as well as trigger the Spring Traps which will allow more of your Valks to enter.
  • Step 2: The Queen Deployment
    Near those Bomb Towers that I mentioned will be an X-bow. Place another 3 or 4 Pumpkin Barbarians as a distraction and deploy the Archer Queen to destroy the X-bow. Place her to the right of the X-bow such that she will go to the Mortars on the Left.
  • Step 3: Clearing the Graveyard
    Once the X-bow goes down, deploy a Valkyrie near the Super Bowler. They will clear the entire right side of the base along with the Elixir Storage. Make sure the entrance of the right-side has the Spring Traps triggered else your Valks will die.
  • Step 4: Heroes, Assemble!
    After defeating the Mortars, your Archer Queen will start to move towards the left. Once she reaches the Circular section, deploy everything you got. First drop 90% of your Pumpkin Barbarians, The Barbarian King, The Grand Warden, the last Valkyrie, and then the Royal Champion. Once the walls have been breached, drop the Heal Spell on your Heroes and activate the Barbarian King’s ability, and after a second or two activate the Grand Warden’s Ability.
  • Step 5: Micro-Management
    Now it’s just the waiting game. Be mindful of your Troop’s & Hero’s health. Activate abilities whenever needed. You have 2 Invisibility Spells so cast them if your Heroes are having some troubles. With the remaining Pumpkin Barbarians that you have, you can either use them for clean-up or use them as distractions. This will help out your main force, the Heroes, to clear out the Pumpkin Graveyard base in Clash Of Clans.

All that is left is to clean up the base and the Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge is complete. The main tactic in this challenge is Funneling. This is a pretty common tactic in Clash Of Clans and this is basically what we are doing this event. This is one of the many ways you can beat the challenge. Hopefully, this guide helped you in beating the Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge in CoC. You can also check out our guides on Upgrading the Builders Hut and Creator Codes in Clash of Clans.