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Clash of Clans Battle Builders: How to Upgrade Builder Hut

Here's how to upgrade Builder Hut in Clash of Clans.

CoC has introduced new Defensive Builder’s Huts which are able to defend themselves and repair nearby buildings. So if you have heard about the new feature and wondering how to upgrade the Builder Hut to Battle Builders in Clash of Clans, then here’s how to do this.

How to Upgrade the Builder Hut to Battle Builders in Clash of Clans?


To upgrade the Builder Hut you need to first reach Town Hall level 14 to add a short-range turret. After this, your Builder will become a Battle Builder and will repair any nearby damaged buildings during battle. The Builder cannot repair buildings or base walls that are fully destroyed. If his Builder’s Hut is destroyed, he will go back to the underground bunker and will no participate in the battle anymore.

Clash of Clans Battle Builders How to Upgrade Builder Hut

If the Battle Builder is upgrading any building or Hero then he will first return to his Builder Hut before he can start repairing any buildings. He won’t even start repairing any buildings that are taking damage even on this way back. Also, if more than one Builders are repairing the same building then their combined repair rate per second will be less than all of their individual repair rate combined. This is exactly how the Healers’ healing rate works on any unit during a battle. So you will be better of placing the upgraded huts more than at least 6 tiles apart from each other rather than placing them closely to safeguard a single building like the Town Hall.


Defensive Builder’s Hut Levels Cost And Stats

Here are upgrade cost and repair rate for Defensive Builder’s Hut Levels 2-4:

Level Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost Damage per Second Repair per Second Hit Points
2 10d 9.5M Gold 80 50 1000
3 12d 12.5M Gold 100 55 1300
4 14d 15.5M Gold 120 60 1600


There are different ways to reduce the speed of a builder repairing any building. This can be accomplished by using spells on them, like:

  • Freeze Spell – Will freeze builder on the spot and stop him till the spell wears away
  • Invisibility Spell – Will turn damaged buildings around him invisible. Preventing him from initiating any repairs.
  • Lightning Spell – Will work like a zap and make him retarget another damaged around him.
  • Poison Spell – Will reduce the builder’s speed and damage him in the process.

That’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade Builder’s Hut in Clash of Clans. While you are here also check out our other Clash of Clash Guides like How to Use Super Potion & How to Change Your Name in Clash of Clans.