Clash Of Clans Promo Codes (2024) – Redeem Free Gems

Here's all you need to know about promo codes in Clash of Clans, and how to redeem them.

Looking for Clash of Clans promo codes? Then you are at the right place. We have gathered all the information you need to know about this. So let’s jump right into all about CoC Promo Code.

Last checked for working codes on January 29, 2024.

Clash of Clans Promo Codes 2024

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there are no official ways to redeem codes for free gems in Clash of Clans, as supported by dev Supercell. There are lots of websites giving out fake codes which do not work in the game. Here’s how some of those Clash of Clans Promo Codes look like:

  • Unfortunately, there are no working codes at the moment. However, we will update as soon as they are released.

Expired Codes

  • BUDAI363
  • EGULA96
  • HUDAI965
  • 12LK69
  • 26UZH9
  • 325HSD
  • 66SO6D
  • 85KIDSS
  • 89UYZ8
  • 966WR1
  • 98HDW3
  • LKD86DW
  • SHALA96

Note that there are a lot of fake codes circulating on online websites so be careful and avoid using any third-party sources, especially those which ask for any kind of payment. Many websites promise you free gems if you type in your account details and give further log in by downloading apps or surveys given by them. All of these websites put both your account and your credentials at risk. Please note that it is not worth risking your safety for any websites or strangers on Discord claiming that they can give you free gems for real-world money or personal information.

Kindly stay away from such websites asking for your details in any way.

Clash Of Clans Promo Codes to Redeem Free Gems

How to Redeem CoC Promo Codes?

We have also noticed many websites telling you how to redeem Clash of Clans Promo Codes. This is how they explain the steps to use the codes:

  1. Log into the game using your Clash of Clan account.
  2. Which real players know there is no such thing but only the official Supercell account.
  3. Then you need to go to “Settings”.
  4. Click on the “Redeem Gems” button (which doesn’t exist).
  5. Enter your code and redeem free gems.

None of the above steps are real are there is no such option in the game to redeem this in such a way. If they are referring to a third-party website and use in your Super Cell log-in details there, this is a Red Flag, and do not proceed with it for your own safety.

That’s everything you need to know about promo codes in Clash of Clans, and how to redeem them. While you are here also check out our other Clash of Clash Guides like How to Use Super Potion & How to Change Your Name in Clash of Clans.