Diablo 4: How To Skip Cutscenes

Can't skip cutscenes or cinematics in Diablo 4? Here's how to do it.

Cutscenes or cinematics in D4 will tell you a whole new story about Lilith, Inarius, and the war, but you can skip it if you’re only interested in the game. Moreover, some players may want to play the game more than once, speedrun, or create multiple profiles. For them, cutscenes, cinematics, and dialogues will be nothing but interruptions. If you too don’t want to sit through every dialogue and quest conversation, then check out this guide to skip cinematics in Diablo 4.

How to Skip Cutscenes in Diablo 4

Skip Cutscenes in Diablo IV

  • To skip cutscenes in Diablo 4, PC players must simply press and hold the Esc key for two to three seconds. This will skip the cinematics or dialogues you want to skip.
  • For console players (P4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XS), all you have to do is press the Circle or B button on your controller. Make sure you hold the button instead of tapping it.

Can’t Skip Cutscenes in Diablo IV?

Note that simply tapping the Esc button won’t work. The game is quite new (at the time of writing), so it has certain glitches and issues. If the Esc key doesn’t work, then you can restart the game to fix it. Alternatively, you can also go to a different window by pressing Alt + Tab. This method has worked for some players as well.

If the method for console players doesn’t work due to a glitch, then there’s another way. Since you don’t have the option to switch between apps, simply restarting the game can do the trick.

Alternatively, you can also restart the console if it’s not working. This bug seems to be affecting many players so if you’ve run into it as well, then try the methods and wait for the developers to fix it with a new patch.

That’s everything on how to skip cutscenes in Diablo 4. While you’re here, check out how to get all trophies and achievements in our Diablo IV guides section.