Who Is Lilith In Diablo 4? (History & Lore Explained)

All hail Lilith, blessed mother!

Are you wondering who is Lilith, the demonic woman in the Diablo 4 cinematic trailer? If so, then you’re at the right place. This fourth installment in the Diablo series features the dark resurgence of an ancient being as its antagonist. What makes this game special is not only its stellar gameplay but also its captivating lore. For those unaware, Lilith plays a major part in the lore and this article will tell you how.

Who is Lilith in Diablo 4?

Lilith and Inarius in Diablo IV

Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, and one of the Prime Evil. She is also the sister of Lucion, leader of the Triune during the Sin War. To the sanctuary, she is known as the Queen of the Succubi. Her union with Inarius, a former archangel, led to the creation of humanity and Nehpalem.

Lilith’s History in Diablo

Tired of the eternal war between the Burning Hells and the High Heavens, Lilith looked for a way out. She, along with her brother, grew tired of the Prime Evil’s (Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto) leadership of Hell. In a battle against the heavens, she captured Inarius the archangel, as her prisoner. As she learned that Inarius’ views on the eternal war matched her own, Lilith saw him as someone she can manipulate.

Creating the Sanctuary

As time went by, Inarius fell in love with Lilith. Knowing this, she asked him to steal the Worldstone to create a new world where they could live in peace. The two gathered like-minded followers and stole the Worldstone from the Pandemonium Fortress. With the help of this stone, they created a new world between Heaven and Hell, known as the Sanctuary. Inarius was satisfied with this new world but Lilth wanted to end the eternal war.

Creation of Nephalem

After creating the Sanctuary, Inarius, and Lilith gave birth to Nephalem, the first offspring race from the union between an Angel and a Demon. The followers of Lilith and Inarius living in the Sanctuary viewed Nephalem as a threat. As a result, they argued whether Nephalem should be destroyed.

Inarius made his followers see reason and avoided the conflict. Lilith on the other hand was furious with the followers. She took a demonic form and slayed the followers of Inarius and others who seek to destroy Nephalem.

After witnessing the carnage Lilith left in her wake, Inarius vowed to stop her. However, he could not kill her, so he banished her from the Sanctuary to the Void.

Lilith’s Return

After years of banishment, Elias and two other adventurers, performed a ritual in an underground chamber to summon Lilith. The presence of Lilith caused paranoia among the mortals. At one point, she took control of Hell, where she is reunited with Inarius but on the opposite side in a battle.

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