Inarius Diablo 4 – The Rogue Angel Lore In (Explained)

An angel gone rogue, here’s all you need to know about Inarius in Diablo 4.

Want to learn more about the lore behind Inarius in Diablo 4? Then look no further as you’re in the right place. Inarius and his feud with Lilith is the focal point of the plot in the fourth installment of the Diablos series. So, what relationship do Inarius and Lilith share? And what made him turn into a rogue angel? Find all your answers right here!

Who is Inarius in Diablo 4?

inarius sanctuary rogue angel

To know more about Inarius in Diablo 4, you’d have to go back to how it all started. Inarius was a powerful Archangel and also an advisor to the Angiris Council. He reveled in his beauty and was known to boast loudly of his purity. Inarius served under Tyrael and was famous for being one of the strongest warriors on the battlefield. The other angels regarded him as a hero as he slayed demons time and time again during the Eternal Conflict – a war between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells.

The Eternal Conflict and Inarius’ Role

The war between the two forces always ended in a stalemate. After witnessing widespread bloodshed on both sides, Inarius decided that he wanted to break free from the chains of the Eternal War. During one such battle, he was captured by demons and enslaved in Hell. He cried out about his desire to end the Eternal Conflict, and Lilith, the antagonist of Diablo 4, heard him. She freed Inarius and told him that they will meet again.

Inarius and Lilith Lore Explained

Inarius found himself growing closer to Lilith. Both of them conspired to build a world of their own – free from the widespread destruction and bloodshed. So, while the armies from Heaven and Hell were busy fighting, Inarius and Lilith gathered a renegade group of angels and demons who shared the same views as their own.

After stealing the Worldstone, they used it to create the Santcuary – the overworld of Diablo 4. It is here where they created their offspring too – the Nephalem. This race was immortal and much stronger than angels and demons. Inarius’ followers said that the Nephalem race was the ultimate blasphemy. They feared that if the leaders of Heaven and Hell discovered Nephalem – it would spell an end for the Sanctuary. They pleaded with Inarius to bring an end to them.

“When I see Lilith sleeping at my side, I am filled with dark thoughts. My sins are real, and I will surely pay for them. We live in peace for now, but it cannot last. They will come for me.” – Inarius foreshadows Lilith’s true nature

When Lilith heard of this, she was enraged at the thought of the extinction of her children. She took a violent demonic form and then proceeded to kill each and every one of Inarius’ followers both angel and demon alike. When Inarius learned about this, he banished her from the Sanctuary and sent her into the Void. This was to stay true to his promise – he would never strike Lilith or let another do it. From there on, the powers of Nephalem were reduced and a few generations later – they became mortals – what we now know of as humans in Diablo 4.

Inarius’ Dark Fate in the Diablo series

inarius face lilith

Lilith’s father Mephisto got custody of Inarius and brought him to the Burning Hells. His wings were slowly torn from his back with tremendous chains. Moreover, barbed hooks were then used to stretch out Inarius’ erstwhile glowing skin. His facial features were also distorted by vile powers and he appeared to have no face at all. He was denied even the freedom of death. That was until an unexplained series of events see Inarius escape from captivity before the events of Diablo 4.

Inarius’ Return in Diablo 4

In the Diablo 4 trailer, Inarius is seen attacking a horde of demons. While we don’t know if he escaped or was released from captivity, the end of the trailer sees Inarius throwing a spear at Lilith.

That’s all you need to know about the lore and story behind Inarius in Diablo 4. While you’re still here, do check out our Diablo 4 section for more such guides.