Chrono Cross Skelly Bones Locations

Getting Skelly to join you can be quite a puzzle. Check out this guide to get all the locations for his bones in Chrono Cross Remaster.

To get Skelly to join your team you will have to find all 6 of his bones spread in different locations in Chrono Cross. He is a strong member that you should get if you are looking for someone that uses Black element. When you recruit him you also get the achievement Skeleton Clown. Another reason to get him is if you are trying to unlock all characters and achievements. So without further ado, let’s quickly check where to find and get all Skelly’s bones in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers.

Chrono Cross Skelly Bone Locations

where to find all skelly bones locations in chrono cross
Image Credits: AuraChannelerChris on YouTube

There are 6 Bone locations for Skelly in this game. Once you collect all of his bones you can reassemble them to get him to join your party.

  • Heavy Skull: Go to the Fossil Valley, here you will get the skull and can begin the quest to get all his other bones. You can find it near the large Dragon skull.
  • Pelvic Bone: Go to Guldove and talk to the trader. In the conversation, they will ask you to fulfill their request. Listen to their request and they will give you the Pelvic Bone.
  • Angry Scapula: Head to the Shadow Forest and keep going left. Eventually, go up inside the waterfall and you will reach the Waterfall Cave. Go up and pick the Angry Scapula near the chest.
  • Good Backbone: Go to the hydra Marshes and search the area with the action button to get the bone. You will need the Green Tinkler to get past the plant blocking your way. Once you get past it you can continue exploring. You can talk to the dwarf in Guldove to get the Green Tinkler.
  • Sturdy Ribs: Go to Water Dragon Isle. In the first section of this area, you will find an NPC in green. Talk to them and they will give you the Sturdy Ribs.
  • Mixed Bones: Head to the Isle of the Damned. You can find it in the room in the top left corner of the first section.

You can collect these bones in any order but I recommend you try to get the Heavy Skull first. Once you have all of his bones you will get a dialogue where Skelly says he is finally in one piece again. He indicates that he will meet you again sometime in the future to return the favor. This is your cue to go recruit him. You can do that by:

  1. Go to Termina in his grandma’s house after you have collected all bones of Skelly.
  2. Witness the dialogues here between him and his grandmother.
  3. Exit the house and go back in.
  4. Next, talk to him and select “Please” for his question and he will join your party.

That covers all of the 6 Skelly bones locations in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers and where to find and get them. If you are recruiting characters then also check our other guides on how to get Mojo and how to get Glenn in this game.