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How To Use Site Of Grace In Elden Ring

Here's how to use the Site of Grace location in Elden Ring for leveling up, passing time, sorting items, resting (replenishing health) & more.

The Site of Grace is an important location in Elden Ring that will give you multiple benefits throughout the game. They can be checkpoints, leveling up locations and you can even pass time with its help. Let’s look at everything you can do at this place.

Site of Grace in Elden Ring Uses

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The Sites of Grace can be located in areas where there’s a glowing light and a golden aura. Dark Souls players may remember how Bonfires work and these sites work similarly. You can approach the Site of Grace and interact with it by pressing the Triangle or Y button on your controller. Then the menu will pop up from which you can select any of the following options.

Pass Time

You can move time forward and change from day to night or vice versa. This can be helpful if there’s a particular quest you need to complete which requires a certain time of day.

Level Up using Site of Grace in Elden Ring

Unlike other games, you have to manually level up your character by increasing specific stats based on the build you are going for. This can be done at Site of Grace locations and you must spend Runes for this. You might want to know how to get and farm Runes fast and we’ve got just the guide you are looking for.

Rest to Replenish your HP and FP (Checkpoints)

If you are about to face a formidable enemy, it will be a good idea to replenish your HP, HP and heal any status ailments that your character might have before that. All you have to do is visit a Site of Grace and rest there. But keep in mind that this might also respawn enemies.

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Fast Travel

Once you have discovered a Site of Grace, you can fast travel from one to another instantly. There are a few conditions for it – you should not be in combat with bosses, enemies or PvP. You can’t fast travel out of a dungeon in case you feel like fleeing.

Refill & Add Charge to Flasks

A quick way to refill Sacred Flasks is to find a Site of Grace and hit the Flasks option. You can use flasks to restore your HP or FP. Plus, players can add charge to their Flask and increase the number of times they can use it before refilling. You can also increase charges of Crimson Tears in order to restore more HP and increase charges of Cerulean Tears to restore more FP.

Memorize Spell

When you select the Memorize Spell option from the Site of Grace, you can allot Sorceries and Incantations. Note that your memory slots will decide how many Sorceries and Incantations you can memorize.

Sort Chest

As the name suggests, you can sort the items that you are carrying through this option. You can keep what you want and remove what you no longer need.

Mix Wondrous Physicks

Players can combine two Crystal Tears inside the Wondrous Physicks Flask to form new effects.

Ashes of War

To add Skills to your weapons, you can use Ashes of War which is accessible through the Site of Grace.

Talk to Melina

Know more about the lore by talking to Melina who you can talk to at the Site of Grace.

Bring Torrent Back to Life

If your trusty Torrent dies during your adventure, you can revive it when you rest at a Site of Grace.


If you die in your journey, you will respawn at the Site of Grace. You can also respawn at a Stake of Marika (Statue) if it’s near the spot of your death.

Save Game

You don’t have multiple save slots in Elden Ring – the autosave feature will do the work for you. In this game, every decision of yours makes a difference because you can’t go back (yep, no backsies!). While you may not have multiple saves you can have multiple characters slots. That means you can try all the classes in the game and each will have its own save file. It’s a permanent autosave which means that if you have beaten a boss, you cannot reload and beat him again. You must stick with your choices and that adds to the challenge of the game. What you can do is, visit a Site of Grace whenever you are done playing for the day, and the next time you load it up, you will continue from where you left off.

That’s all you need to know about the Site of Grace in Elden Ring. For more Elden Ring Guides, be sure to explore Gamer Tweak.