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How To Level Up Character In Elden Ring (Leveling Guide)

Here's how to level up in Elden Ring and how to decide which stats to focus on increasing.

How to level up in Elden Ring? This guide will attempt to answer this question. Elden Ring is a beautiful, terrifying and brutal open-world with an amazing solo campaign as well as multiplayer options. If you are well-versed with games by From Software, this will be a thrilling ride. But just in case this is your first foray into this style of action role-playing game, you might be curious to know how to level up and progress faster. Here’s what you need to know about stats and leveling.


How to Level Up Character in Elden Ring?

  • Players can level up in Elden Ring by resting and interacting with the menu at any Site of Grace.
  • When you reach the third one, you unlock the option to level up.
  • You will meet Melina who will let you level up at any location of Site of Grace throughout Elden Ring.
  • Once you are ready, head to the menu options and pick the stats and attributes you want to increase.
  • This will use up the runes that you have collected over time, so make sure to do this at the right time and assign them wisely.
  • These Sites of Grace are easy to spot because they are illuminated with a gold aura. So if you have played Dark Souls, these are similar to the bonfires in the game. They are checkpoints that also let you do other things. You can also summon a player for co-op near a Site of Grace location. Plus, when you die, you will respawn here as well.

elden ring leveling guide

How Does the Leveling System Work?

In games like Assassin’s Creed, you need to keep playing and defeating bosses to automatically level up. That isn’t the case in this game. You must collect runes by killing enemies and then visit a Site of Grace to manually level up. Here, stats come into the picture. Based on your playstyle, you can decide which stat you want to increase and level up.


Elden Ring Stats to Increase

These are the stats in the game that you can choose to focus on. Make sure you have a plan about how you want to progress, which class you are choosing/have chosen, and accordingly, level up. Every player will have something different based on their playstyle, and this certainly adds to the replayability of the game.


Attribute related to HP. This impacts your fire and poison resistance. When you rest at a Site of Grace, your HP, FP, and Stamina gets filled up entirely but your enemies also respawn.



Attribute related to FP (Focus Points). These points are used for casting Sorceries and Incantations. Impacts focus-related resistances. FP is shown on your HUD in a blue bar.


Attribute related to wielding weapons. You will need this to use fast and light items. When you increase Dexterity, the damage of Dexterity scaling items is increased. Also reduces your spell casting time, fall damage and makes it tougher to be thrown off your mount.



Attribute related to performing Glintstone sorceries. Leveling it up will also increase max FP, the magic power of intelligence-scaling sorceries, and enhances magic resistance. So, this is ideal for those interested in wielding magical items and inflicting sorcery damage.


Attribute related to performing Sacred Incantations and wielding magical items. Increasing this stat will give you increased Incantation damage and damage with Faith-scaling items.


Attribute related to Discovery. Impacts Death Resistance and also some sorceries and incantations. Basically, this is a stat that affects your chances of finding items.


Attribute related to Stamina. This will impact your physical defense power, robustness and also helps increase your max equipment load. Robustness is basically you have resistance to bleeding as well as frostbite.


Attribute related to wielding heavy weapons. It will also increase the attack power of strength-scaling weapons.

These stats have different effects on your character’s HP, Stamina, and more. Make the right choice based on the type of build you are going for. As you can tell, you can focus on leveling Strength, Dexterity, and Vigor if you are building a melee character. But for magic-based characters, the choices will be different. Or, you could mix and match both styles – it’s entirely up to you.

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