AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Final Boss & Ending Guide (Spoiler Alert)

Eivor takes on to assassinate King Charles, the king of Francia. Here is what happen and how to unlock multiple endings.

After finding the queen in Fire and Faith Mission you will come across the ending mission. This is unlocked different endings here. This AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Ending guide will explain to you what really happens in the end. How to unlock Siege of Paris Multiple endings and what is the final climax of this expansion. So SPOILER ALERT, avoid reading ahead if are still playing this game. There are a lot of reveals below.

Siege of Paris Kill or Spare Charles

Final Boss Ending Guide

When you choose to Kill Charles the ending is different. Your allies will be happy for your call, but Richardis the queen is not. As usual, there is a boss fight, you will have to defeat Charles first. The fastest way to kill Charles the Fat king is by drawing him near to the fire. If you shoot a few arrows on his head, it will stun him. Walk near to Charles and throw him in the torch. This drains a high amount of blood, repeat this thrice and you will win this battle. After killing Charles, Richardis will appear and weep for her dead husband. Return to Toka, and there you will see Count Odo claims the throne of Francia. Eivor will have two allies, Toka and Count Odo, a kind of good news for his tribe. There won’t be an invasion threat as per the conversation. This can be counted as a good ending for AC Valhalla Siege of Paris. But if you want to know about the consequences of what really happens with these endings then check this Kill or Spare Charles the Fat King Guide.

If you choose to spare Charles there will be still a boss fight. But it will be interfered with by Richardis the Queen and she will confront you that Charles will no try to evade the surrounding regions. Charles is going to have a really bad breakdown, the Queen takes the lead and the cutscene ends. After returning to Toka you will see Count Odo is not happy with the decision. There will be a little heated argument where Odo will explain that he has no trust in Charles the Fat King.

The end cutscenes are the same, Toka takes the place of the tribe’s leader, and Eivor returns to his land. The game ends here, you can then play Rebel missions to earn more rewards in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris. There is still more to explore this is just the end of the main mission. I had also added a video above where you can see the first ending. It will help you to understand how to kill King Charles in the Siege of Paris. It is not challenging there are some tricks to do the same.

To help you more with the expansion here the complete AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Map, you can use this guide to find all important locations in Francia. Also do not forget to read our Siege of Paris Review to know more about this Assassins Creed expansion if you have yet not decided to buy it.