AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Francia Full World Map & All Locations

Here is a complete unlocked map of Francia location. If you are playing Seige of Paris expansion then this guide will help you a lot.

Siege of Paris takes you to a new world called Francia, ruled by King Charles. Being an Assassins, you are on a job to make sure the King does not evade your land. It is an interesting place to explore with interesting characters. Francia is huge, which has a mix of towns and villages. The landscape is plagued by corrupt politicians and prophets. To help you to explore the best point of interest in Siege of Paris, you can check out the full Francia Map here.

Francia Full  Map & All Locations

Francia full Map

Francia is a big reason. You can travel to this place only after meeting Toka in England. You can check our guide on how to start the Siege of Paris DLC for more details. The guide also has a video where you can exactly see how Eivor finds Toka, and what really made the protagonist travel to a new region. To help you more about exploring the new area, there is a video below. You can view the same to check out all important spots in Francia. Anyhow if you follow the main missions you are going to explore all regions. Antother way to reveal all the hidden spots or necessary points of contact is to focus on unlocking the fast travel point.

There are four primary regions in Francia. They are Melunois to the south, Paris to the east center, Amienois to the North, and Evresin to the North-West. Melunois is the biggest region in Francia. I had shared all the details in the above video. That will help you to understand the map really well. Also, you can visit our YouTube channel to get more walkthrough videos on AC Valhalla Siege of Paris. The best thing to do here is using the above video to grab all the opals in Siege of Paris DLC. All of them are easily accessible and marked on the map. If you are above power level 250 or crossed 300 then you will not face any issue in dealing with the enemies AC Valhalla DLC.