Kill Or Spare King Charles Choice Guide – AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris

Should you kill or spare King Charles in Assassin's Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris? These are the consequences of your choices.

At the end of the AC Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC, you will have to make a choice – Kill or Spare King Charles? What are the consequences of your choice and how does it affect the ending of the story. Here’s everything about it.

AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Kill Or Spare King Charles Choice & Consequences

The two options Eivor will have are:

  • I will spare Charles
  • Charles must die

What happens when you choose “I will spare Charles” (Choice Consequences)

When you choose “I will spare Charles”, the queen will be grateful. Since you chose to show mercy, you get the option to spare his life further ahead in the game. You will still have to fight him, but instead of killing him, you can trap him.

How to Spare Mad King Charles Life by Trapping Him

Basically you will have to lure Charles to trap him after depleting his stamina. Note that if you are playing on Easy difficulty, you won’t be able to save his life because this option is available on Default (Vikingr) difficulty. Make sure you lower the king’s health by stunning him. The more injured your enemy is, the more stunned he will remain when you lower his stamina. As soon as you have lured him into the room, head out, pull the lever and bring down the gate.

Eivor makes Charles swear that him and his troops will never come to England. Richardis arrives and after an exchange of words, she says – Leave us, all will be as I promised.

should i kill or spare king charles

What happens when you choose “Charles must die” (Choice Consequences)

How to Spare Mad King Charles Life

When you choose “Charles must die”, Eivor will say that Charles has dishonored all of his allies and his people. He adds that he will not swear an oath to spare him.

Richardis then replies that this is a mistake. Even killing Charles will not ensure the safety of your people, she says. Then Eivor replies that killing Charles will at least avenge all the Norse folk he has killed in Francia. After this, Eivor walks away and the quest Fire and Faith gets completed. Then, you head straight into the quest called Madness of King Charles.

That’s everything about the AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Kill Or Spare King Charles choice and the consequences. Continue reading our Siege of Paris Final Boss and Ending guide for what happens next in this story.

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