Should I Side With Delgado or Mathis In Starfield? (Consequences)

Confused about siding with Delgado or Mathis in Starfield? Check out here to know the most appropriate decision to make.

Should you accept Mathis’s offer and Kill Delgado or stay loyal to him in Starfield? For those who don’t know, this segment happens during the Echoes of the Past quest while following the Crimson Fleet Faction. Mathis makes this proposal of betraying Delgado while you are isolated with him in the prison of Suvorov. From this point, whatever decision you make will slightly change the storyline. However, it is important that you know the most appropriate choice. In this guide, you will know what can happen if you side with Mathis or Delgado.

Should you Kill Delgado and Side with Mathis in Starfield?

The best decision can only be made if you already know the outcomes. That said, check out below to know the consequences of siding with Mathis or Delgado:

  • What happens if you Side with Mathis?
    • Accepting Mathis proposal means killing Delgado, the leader of Crimson Fleet. During the conversation, Mathis will ask you about betraying Delgado several times. Even if you choose to side with him, he will step back from his plan later.
  • What happens if you Side with Delgado?
    • The outcome of this decision will be the same as before. Only this time, Mathis will behave a little agitated as you refuse to team up with him.

Should You Kill Delgado Or Not In Starfield

So what’s the best decision to make here? It doesn’t matter what decision you make here. You will never be able to kill Delgado in Starfield and keep the treasure for yourself and Mathis. But after reporting back to Delgado after the quest, he will ask you about Mathis’s performance. Now, you will have two options – side with Mathis or not.

If you say good about Mathis, then he will behave well after you meet him at the Key. And if you choose to say that he didn’t help you during the quest, then he will seek revenge on you. Regardless of your decision here, the rewards of the quest will remain the same. But according to me, you should side with Mathis as making a new enemy isn’t beneficial at all.

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