Should You Revive Connor (Mayrina’s Husband) In BG3?

Should Connor (Mayrina's Husband) be Revived or remain buried in Baldur's Gate 3? Check out this guide to know.

Is it okay to Revive Connor, Mayrina’s Husband, in Baldur’s Gate 3? Because if you are thinking of bringing someone back to life, then there will be some consequences. It is normal to feel bad for Mayrina as she has been through a lot. And even after saving her from Auntie Ethel, she thinks of nothing else but Connor. That said, should you Revive Connor in BG3 or should his corpse remain buried? Take a look below to know.

Mayrina can be found grieving over her dead husband’s grave at Sunlit Wetlands. To revive Connor, you will have to get a Bitter Divorce Wand from Acrid Workshop in Overgrown Tunnel. Now that you have the Wand, you can initiate a conversation with Mayrina about reviving her husband. But there are different outcomes for each decision during this conversation.

Should you Revive Connor in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)?

You can make better decisions if you already know the outcomes of the choices. Check out below to know the consequences of reviving Connor (Mayrina’s Husband) in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3).

Snap the Wand in Two

If you select this dialogue option, then Connor will remain buried underground. However, it will fill Mayrina’s head with rage for you. But addressing her anger and disappointment, she will go back to mourning over Connor’s grave.

Should You Revive Connor (Mayrina's Husband) In BG3?
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Point the Wand Towards the Coffin

Opting for this option will revive Mayrina’s Dead Husband (Connor) in BG3. However, he won’t come back as a Human, but as a Zombie. A Zombie Connor seeks a master and it will obey whoever has the charge of the Bitter Divorce Wand. Now you can choose to keep the Wand or give it to Mayrina. So, if you keep the Wand, then you can use Connor and take him to battles. But this will make Mayrina hate you. And if you choose to give it to Mayrina, then she will use it to cure Connor.

Apart from this, you can also Revive Connor and bury him again in the ground. But this will anger Mayrina and she will try to attack you. In such a situation, you will have no option but to kill her.

According to me, you should Revive Connor out of humanity in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). Once he is brought back to life, you should give the Bitter Divorce Wand to Mayrina. If she wishes to care for her undead husband, then we should let her do that. At least, you won’t be the source of her anger and sadness anymore. Moreover, this is not why you Saved Mayrina from Auntie Ethel right?

That’s all that can happen if you Revive Connor (Mayrina’s Husband) in BG3. I know this has been a tough decision to make, but there are tons of such scenarios. And to help you choose the appropriate dialogues, we have made a Choices and Consequences Guide on Gamer Tweak. Make sure to check it out along with other guides.