NBA 2K23 Shot Meter: How To Change & Turn It Off

Having trouble with your jump shot? Check out our guide on how to change and turn off the shot meter in NBA 2K23.

The most recent release of NBA 2K23 features a plethora of additional changes. This includes customizing several gameplay effects to the player’s appearance. Unlike the NBA 2K22 which didn’t have many customization options for the jump shot meter, this year makes an exception. Your jump shots are one of the most crucial steps in scoring a basket. So, here’s our guide on how to change and turn off your shot meter in NBA 2K23.

How to Change the Shot Meter in NBA 2K23

You can change your shot meter pretty easily by heading to the MyPlayer menu section. Follow the below steps to change your shot meter:

  • As you open the main menu, select the MyPlayer tab by toggling the different options.
  • Then, select the Animations option.
  • You need to toggle between different options and select the Gameplay Effects tab.
  • Now, select the Jump shot meter tab and choose your suitable meter.
  • You can try out these animations before you select them for your player.
  • Alternatively, you can also change the Graphic type, color, and SFX for your basket throw.

Mentioned below are all the available shot meter options to choose from:

  • Curved Bar (Side)
  • Curved Bar (Mini)
  • Straight Bar (Mini)
  • Comet (High)
  • Tusk 1 (Under)
nba 2k23 shot meter change turn off
Image Source – Pacers Gaming on YouTube.

How to Turn Off the Shot Meter

While you can choose different options for the shot meter from the steps above, you can also disable it. Switching off your shot meter can help experienced or veteran players with their shot accuracy.

Follow the below steps to turn off or disable the shot meter:

  • Head over to the Options/Quit tab on the Main Menu.
  • Then, select Controller Settings.
  • You will find the Shot meter as the second option under this section.
  • In addition to disabling the shot meter, there are also several other options you can apply. They are as follows:
    • On
    • Off
    • Free Throw only
    • Shot button only
    • Pro-Stick only

That’s everything covered about how to change and turn off the shot meter in NBA 2K23. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to get a shoe deal, how to get a Gym Rat badge, and how to change MyCareer nickname in NBA 2K23 right here on Gamer Tweak.