NBA 2K23: How To Get Gym Rat Badge

Here's how you can unlock and get the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K23.

There are a whole lot of quests and tasks in the new NBA 2K23, that can keep you engaged for hours. Apart from the quests players are more invested in the MyCareer mode. If you’ve already started grinding in NBA 2K23 & came across a need to get the Gym Rat Badge, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll guide you on how you can easily unlock the Badge on your PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X/S.

How To Unlock Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K23? (PS & Xbox devices)

It’s pretty simple to unlock the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K23. However, the process is different for current-gen and next-gen devices. For your convenience, we’ve mentioned all the devices in the article below.

How To Get Gym Rat Badge NBA 2K23
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Unlock Badge on PS4 & Xbox One Devices

In order to unlock the Badge on PS4 & Xbox One devices here’s what you’ll need to do. However, make sure that you’ve obtained the Mamba Mentality Badge first. Because only then you’ll be able to follow the steps and get the Gym Rat badge in the game.

  • First, head to the Gatorade Facility and look for an NPC named Timmy.
  • After meeting Timmy, you’ll get the Addicted to Sweat quest.
  • So simply complete the given quest and the Gym Rat Badge will be yours.

This is all you need to do to obtain the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K23 on your PS4 & Xbox One devices.

Unlock Badge on PS5 & Xbox Series X/S Devices

Here are the steps to unlock Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K23 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Devices. Before you dive into the steps, go on and get your intro challenges if you still haven’t got any. That’s because one of these challenges can only unlock the path to get a Gym Rat badge in the game. To receive the challenges complete the NBA Summer League part and you’ll be good to go.

  • After receiving the challenges go to Gatorade Facility and talk to the gym rep NPC.
  • Once you’re done interacting with the gym rep NPC, you’ll get the quest to Earn at least 3 stars in any workout 25 times.
  • Complete the quest and you’ll get the Gym Rat Badge just like that.

This is all you need to know about how to get Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K23 on your PS & Xbox devices. For those who are unaware of what capabilities Gym Rat Badge boosts, check out the stats boost list mentioned below.

What does Gym Rat Badge do?

As mentioned earlier this badge improves the capabilities of your characters. For your better understanding here are all the stats that this badge boosts in NBA 2K23.

  • Speed gets 4x points
  • Acceleration gets 4x points
  • Strength gets 4x points
  • Vertical gets 4x points
  • Stamina gets 4x points

These are all the boosts the Gym Rat Badge provides in the game. While you’re here check out this guide about the best Shooting Tips for NBA 2K23.