How To Shoot While Driving In GTA 5 (Controls Guide)

If you are wondering how to shoot while driving cars in GTA 5 then knowing the right controls is the key. Players can be involved in a high-speed pursuit against the Los Santos police department at any given time in the game. And while you can always escape the wanted level by diving underwater or by using cheat codes, nothing is more interesting than a classic pursuit. Although not the easiest of options, players will need to have good skills to simultaneously shoot and drive.

There are many things that players will have to keep in mind before engaging in a high-speed pursuit. Having said that, with the right controls and buttons, players can quickly get used to it with some practice. So if you are looking to pull out your gun and start shooting while driving a car in the game then check out this guide to know more.

How to Shoot From Car in GTA 5

How To Shoot From Car In GTA 5
Image Source: Steam

To shoot while driving a car or any other vehicle in GTA 5, players will have to click on their aim button in-game. This will pull out the gun that you can use to shoot around different targets and enemies from your car in the game. With that being said, here are all the controls across all the platforms that you can use to shoot while driving:


  • Aim: Press the Right Mouse Button.
  • Fire Weapon: Press the Left Mouse Button.
  • Reload: Press the R Key.
  • Driving Controls: W, A, S and D.

On Xbox

  • Aim: Press the LB Button.
  • Fire Weapon: Press the RB Button.
  • Reload: Press the B Button.
  • Driving Controls: LT, RT, and Left Stick to steer.

On PlayStation

  • Aim: Press the L1 Button.
  • Fire Weapon: Press the R1 Button.
  • Reload: Press the Circle Button.
  • Driving Controls: L2, R2, and Left Stick to steer.

It is worth mentioning, that you can check the dedicated controls under the drive-by section of the settings in GTA 5. You can then map or change the keybinds according to your playstyle in the game.

That’s everything covered on how to shoot while driving car in GTA 5. If you find this guide helpful, check out our other guides on the Trackify app, how to dial phone numbers, and how to install slap mod in GTA 5, right here on Gamer Tweak.