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Peroxide Shikai Tier List: Best Shikai Ranked (September 2023)

Check out this tier list guide to know the best shikai you can obtain in Peroxide.

Shikai is one of the first important and powerful abilities you will get as a soul reaper in Peroxide and with this tier list guide, you will know which are the best amongst all of them. In this Roblox experience, there are seven varieties of Shikai that players will come across in their campaign. Each Shikai ability comes with its own unique move set, usually resembling different elements. And while you won’t know which type you will encounter, it is important to know which Shikai are better and what moves they possess in the game. So if you are wondering which is the best shikai available, here is our tier list you should go through.

Peroxide Shikai Tier List

all shikai ranked peroxide
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The below list contains all seven Shikai that you can unlock in Peroxide. We have listed them according to their moves and potential. You will also find the moves of the best Shikai explained below. So with that being said here are all the seven Shikai ranked from best (S Tier) to worst (B Tier) according to their moves in Peroxide:

S Tier

Here is a list of all the best Shikai that you will come across in Peroxide with their respective moves:

  • Lightning Shikai
    • Storm Blitz: This move will help you uppercut the enemy followed by a fury of lightning slashes
    • Falling Thunder: With this players will stomp on the ground as a bolt and leap their opponent in the air. After which you can teleport close to them for slashes.
    • Approaching Storm: This move slightly buffs players and you can attack with all the lightning storm power.
  • Glacier Shikai
    • Frozen Construct Fang: Your opponent will be attacked with glacier projectiles in the game
    • Hundred Ice Nights Purgatory: Players will be able to stick their sword in the ground and attack their enemies with ice spikes
    • Cry of a thousand Moons: You will summon a tombstone that will drag any enemy toward you and attack him with a tortured arrow
  • Gravity Shikai
    • Gravity Field: This will summon a gravity field that will slow down your opponents in the area. If you use it in the field again it will bash rocks around the area on the enemy.
    • Rock Scatter: With this move, players will be able to spawn big boulders attacking opponents from the ground.
    • Orbital Pull: It will create a magnetic field that will repulse any enemy nearby.

A Tier

In this tier, you will find the Shikai that are somewhat best in their situations, and their moves are powerful enough to take down enemies in Peroxide:

  • Fire Shikai
    • Fire Slash
    • Fire Pillars
    • Will Of Fire
  • Clone Shikai
    • False Clones
    • Mirror inverse
    • Emulate Clones

B Tier

Here are the Shikai with less damage potential and which you will find more common due to the rarity type in the game:

  • Explosion Shikai
    • Detonation Wisps
    • Impact Point
    • Bomb Jump
  • Wind Shikai
    • Triple Gale
    • Tailwind
    • Tornado Stomp

That’s everything covered on the Shikai Tier List for Peroxide. Check out our guide on Trello Link & Discord Server & How to get Bankai in Peroxide guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.