How To Get Blox Fruits Shark Race

Looking for ways to obtain Shark Race in Blox Fruits? Here is how you can get it.

All players get unique buffs and often passive skills, depending on their race. Shark Race in Blox Fruits is considered one of the best ones due to its ability to let players swim without taking any damage. Additionally, the rate of damage one takes from an attack also reduces with it. Rather than offense, it is suitable for those who prefer defense. As you upgrade the version and complete Race V4 Awakening, it will prove more effective; as your heal, speed, and damage will increase by some percent.

How to Obtain Shark Race in Blox Fruits

Obtain Shark Race in Blox Fruits
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It is one of the four races that you can obtain in the beginning, with a 12.5% chance. If you don’t get it at the start, then you have to use the Race Reroll to change into the Shark Race. There are three ways to get the reroll:

  • Purchase the Race Reroll from Tort for 300 Fragments. You will find this NPC in The Cafe (Second Sea) and Mansion (Third Sea).
  • Get the Change Race from the in-game shop for 90 Robux.
  • Event-exclusive vendor NPCs sell it for the event currency. Such as, at the time of writing, Magic Elf of Sea of Treats is exchanging it for Candies.

All Versions of Shark Race in Blox Fruits

Shark Race has four versions, including the one we get from transforming in this race:

  • V1 decreases the damage taken from the water but doesn’t completely nullify it.
  • V2 will completely stop the water damage for Blox Fruit users. You have to complete the Alchemist’s Quest to get this version.
  • V3 will unlock the Water Body ability that boosts your defense for a few seconds. To get this, you have to complete Arowe’s Quest where you defeat a naturally spawned Sea Beast.
  • V4 increases shield capacity and whirlpool debuff time. For this, you must complete the Temple of Time puzzle and the Trail of Water.

That’s all on how to get Shark Race in Blox Fruits. If you found this guide interesting and useful, check out our Blox Fruits section.