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How to Find Shakalaka in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Shakalaka is an tricky to find monster in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. You will need Zinogre equipment to find these tiny monsters.

Shakalaka are cute little monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruins. A part of your Monstie team you can decorate them with fascinating masks. Hunting Shakalaka will reward you with materials that will help you to craft Zinogre equipment. So if need help on Shakalaka’s location in Monster Hunter Stories 2 then keep reading.

Tips to find Shakalaka in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Shakalaka

Unlock the Sixth Area of Monster Hunter Stories 2. This means you will have to play almost to the end of this game. When you access the 6th Area you can find them during the exploration after reaching Terga Volcano Base. These humanoid monsters are in between the path to the other village.

It is a fact you cannot have Shakalaka’s in Monster Hunter Stories 2 at the early stage of the game. You will have to progress to the very last area where you will encounter them on your expedition. Shakalaka’s material will help you to craft high-end gear like Zinogre Armor.

Similar to finding the Elder Dragons in the game. They are super rare and require a super rare ticket to play. Velkhana is one of the rare super monsters to hunt in MH Stories 2. If you can slay this one you will earn an egg that will help you to hatch and rare Elder Dragon.

Shakalaka are found in Terga Volcano Base region of Monster Hunter Stories 2. But only when you are almost done with the Sixth Area of the game. This is when you explore the Volcano base region the caves filled with lava, Shakalaka’s will be available. The challenge is to locate them, as they blend with the environment and almost are invisible. Camouflage is their superpower, which protects them from other big monsters in the vicinity.  A Monstie with the ability to scan nearby enemies will help you. Want some help check how to change Monstie in MH Stories 2.

Shakalaka’s are quick and small, they can knock you out with poison. Some of them will use a smoke or sleep bomb on you. These tricky monsters confuse enemies by throwing fake explosives. This is kind of a harsh call by the developer to keep this lovely humanoid at the very end of the game.