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New World Server Population & Queue Size (2022) – How To Check?

Here's how to check New World Server Population & Queue Size.

New World is gaining huge popularity and has reached the top 5 on Steam’s top games by the current player count at the time of writing. This is a big win for Amazon Game Studios and the explosive fame is reflected in the long queue times. Despite the fact that the devs increased the server capacity, the number of players wanting to jump into this game seems to be growing daily. So if you want to find out the New World server population and queue size, here’s how to do it.

How to Check New World Server Population List & Queue Size

  • Developers have released an official page where you will be able to check the server queue size.
  • Select a Region from the following:
    • US EAST
    • SA EAST
    • US WEST
  • And find out the High, Medium, and Low Server Queue size for the New World servers.
  • You can also head over to newworldstatus.com and click on the Charts tab where you can see the players online in-game, players waiting in queue and estimated queue wait time. If you click on the Worlds tab, there’s information about the World Name, set, region, players, player cap, %full and queue time.

All of this data will give you an idea about being able to play the game at that moment or will you have to join in later. Plus, you can easily find out which servers you need to join and which ones are better avoided. Check out the graph to know the times when players are lower in numbers and try during those timings.

Moreover, players can keep an eye on RedzyTV’s New World server list which includes all regions, languages and Streamer servers. Why mention Streamers, you ask? Because if Streamers are playing somewhere you want to play, chances are that the queues will be much longer.
new world server population queue size

If you are curious to know the list of worlds that are being added, check out this list.

With that cleared up, head over to our handy guide on how to transfer server, world and character in New World. Plus, here’s how to stay up to date with the New World server status and find out if there’s maintenance period going on or not.