New World Down? How To Check New World Server Status & Maintenance Time

Are New World servers down for maintenance? Here's how to check and find out downtime and status, along with queue times.

New World Servers can go down due to a server overload or a scheduled maintenance period. If you are planning to jump into a game right away but notice that you are not able to, chances are that the servers are down. In this article, I’ll explain the different ways to check the New World Server status and down time due to maintenance.

How to Check New World Server Status and Maintenance Time?

New World Server Status Time

To check New World Server Status you can visit the official webpage, which has a list of all servers, both active and down ones. And to know the maintenance time for EU, SA, & AP New World servers, you need to check the official Twitter account of the game.  If you are trying to log in to the game but getting a server error message then, it is likely that the servers are down. By visiting the mentioned official links, you will be able to know the status right away.

How Long are New World Servers Queue Wait Times?

We tried to log in to check the current status of New World Servers, and we got queue times of 12 to 15 minutes long in EU servers. We got a list of all servers by location, so make sure to pick one according to your region for lower ping, even though queue time may show a bit more. It’s not too bad considering the launch day server overwhelming of some games out there. Also, note that your server queue time may vary according to how long the players ahead you are using the slot.  We are expecting the wait time to be reduced in the upcoming weeks.

Are New World Servers Down?

If you are unable to get any info from both the official webpage and Twitter then the second-best place to know New World Server Status is by heading to websites like downdetector or similar ones. You will be able to check out any issues posted by other players worldwide in the last 24 hours. Aside from these sites, you may monitor social media channels such as Reddit to determine whether other gamers are having similar issues or if it’s just you.

You can also simply check Twitter to see whether it’s trending, or type the game’s name into the search box to see what others are saying. In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for any tweets from the official developer pages for further information. If the servers are down owing to a large inflow of gamers, it is possible that the situation will improve during non-peak hours. In addition, if the servers are offline for maintenance, the developers will notify you ahead of time.

That’s everything you need to know about how to check New World Server Status and maintenance time. While you are here make sure to check out more of our New World Guides, like Server List, how to reserve character name, and more.