New World: How To Reserve & Claim Character Name

Want to use a name before someone else takes it? Here's how to reserve your name in New World.

New World is finally here and if you’ve been waiting for the launch for a while, now is the time to claim your name. Yes, since the names are global and unique, you don’t want someone to snag a player name that you want. It’s first-come, first-served and it will be locked to your account for some time, even after a character is deleted. Why would you want to reserve a name? It could be your online identity that you may be using for years or if you are a Streamer/YouTuber, it could be your official username. Whatever may be your reason, here’s how to quickly reserve your name in New World.

How to Reserve Character Name in New World?

how to server your name in new world

These are the steps to reserve your name in New World. This is more of a workaround but it works, so try it out.

  1. Load up the game and create a character in any region.
  2. Choose a world.
  3. Don’t bother customizing your character and jump right to the name.
  4. Type in your preferred name.
  5. Create your Character.
  6. After this, your name will be locked to your character/account for a period of time.
  7. Then, delete the character and make a new one on YOUR server and it will have the name that is locked to your account.
  8. That’s all there is to it. All you have to do after that is start your game.

As you may expect, players are going to wake up early and reserve names while also possibly overloading the servers of certain regions. In case you don’t get your first choice, keep a backup of a few more options just for safety. Don’t forget to follow @playnewworld for any latest updates straight from the devs!

How Long does the Character Name Stay Locked?

We mentioned that reserving your name locks it to your account for a period of time but how much time? Well, it is currently unclear and rumors say that it could be 90 days. It is not yet confirmed though and if we get an official confirmation, we will update this article.

Company Names in New World

What about Company Names, you ask? As per the member of New World community team, here’s the official update:

  • Company names are also global but are not locked to an account, once a company is deleted, removed, or renamed the name becomes available immediately.

So, there you have it. Hope that clears out any confusion about how to reserve your name in New World. Here’s the full response from the game’s team in case you are curious to know. And for more tips and tricks, we’ve got lots of New World guides for you to check out.