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Palia Server Status – Are Servers Down For Maintenance?

Want to check Palia Server Status? Here are platforms you can use for that.

Unable to log in and facing server issues? Here is how to check the Palia server status and learn if it is down. The game at the time of writing is an open Beta, so server, quality, and error issues are prone to happen. And since the game is in its testing phase, you will not find it on game stores. As a result, there aren’t any community sites, that can be relied on for checking the server status. But that doesn’t mean there is no way to do that. We have given all the platforms you can use to see if the server is down or not. Also, we have provided possible solutions for the same.

How to Check Palia Server Status

At this stage, the game’s official Discord handle and Twitter are the most reliable platforms for checking server status. They don’t just update you regarding the server issues but also give info on the patches and other errors. So if you are unable to log in to the game even after entering your email and password, you should first check their Twitter handle. Before any maintenance, they usually make posts about the work. And once patchwork is done, they share information about it with their Discord link, so you can learn about the update.

If you are checking Discord to learn about Palia’s Server Status, go to the Palia Status. You will find this tab under the Info & Updates section. Discord is the best for learning about these fixes, as they are even more detailed than Twitter posts. Known issues, updates, reports, patches, maintenance, and stability, you will learn about everything from their Palia Status section of Discord. Now, if you are facing a server issue even when it’s not under maintenance, you can try these methods.

How to Fix Palia Issues

How To Check Palia Server Status

  • Check your internet speed and restart the Router.
  • Relaunch the Palia Launcher.
  • Try again after 15 to 30 minutes. And check Palia’s server status if it’s not working.
  • If you see a warning about the graphic driver when starting the game, install the latest or recommended driver or switch to a different rendering API.
  • If your game crashed due to any server issue or error, you will get Palia Crash Reporter like the picture. You can fill in the details of your issue and press Send and Close or Send and Restart button from the bottom right corner.

With this, you can now check the Palia server status and learn if the server is down. If this guide was informative to you, you should check out our Palia guides. And read topics like how to craft Fabric Loom and get your own pets.