Elden Ring: Should You Serve Ranni The Witch Or Not?

Check out our guide on if you should serve Ranni the Witch in Elden Ring or not.

There’s a plethora of different NPC characters wandering around the Lands Between in Elden Ring. As you interact with them, you trigger their complex questlines and learn more about them. One of these NPCs includes Ranni, the Witch, who will introduce herself to you as the name Renna the first time you meet. Several new players are confused if they should serve and continue her questline or not. But players are worried if they will miss out on other characters if they continue with her questline or miss out if they don’t continue. Not to worry, check out our guide on if you should serve Ranni the Witch in Elden Ring or not.

Should You Serve Ranni the Witch in Elden Ring or Not?

There are no major consequences for not serving Ranni, the Witch. If you don’t serve her, you will continue with the main storyline for Elden Ring. But on the flip side, serving and continuing her questline offers several complex questlines. As you embark and start this journey, it allows you to interact with a wide range of mysterious NPC characters. This includes three people in her service, Preceptor Seluvis, Half-wolf Warrior Blaidd, and Iji, the War Counselor. You can unlock the Preceptor Selvius and the War Counselor, Iji as a merchant to buy different items. You can also get the Black Wolf Armor by going through her quest line.

elden ring serve ranni the witch or not

Furthermore, serving Ranni will also allow you to complete several quests. This could be a great way to farm Runes and different rewards. Not to spoil anything, you can also unlock the Age of Stars ending by serving her. In addition to that, serving her can also help you discover several locations. But regardless, you can discover these locations without serving her. While serving her grants several side quests, not serving her can allows you to focus more on the storyline. If you are a speedrunner, we suggest not serving her as it does not have any direct impact.

We leave the rest of the decision to you. We suggest you make the right choice according to your playstyle and preference.

That’s everything covered about if you should serve Ranni the Witch in Elden Ring or not. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on what are rebirth monuments and where to find them, Etiquette about how to Duel, and more Elden Ring Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.

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