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Elden Ring: How To Duel (Etiquette Guide)

Check out our guide on the unspoken etiquettes for duel matches in Elden Ring.

Annoyed by the lack of honor among players while playing duel matches in Elden Ring? Me too. If you have grinded on the Soul series, you might be aware of the different rules of PVP matches. These rules aren’t solely to avoid the savagery but also to follow the Knight’s Code of Honor. While some players follow these unspoken rules, some players don’t. We have compiled some etiquettes that have been observed and followed by the Souls community in this guide on how to duel in Elden Ring.

How to Duel in Elden Ring (Etiquette to Follow)


Mentioned below are the unspoken etiquettes for Duelling:

elden ring duel matches etiquettes

Distinction Between Duels and Invasions


Before starting on the duel, determine if the player you are up against is ready for a duel. With the new players that are unaware of the duel rules, they might strike as soon you enter their world. Hence, always determine whether the fight is going to be a duel or invasion. As PvP matches involve being invaded or invading a player’s world, you have more control when you invade.

Let the Enemy Buff

Would you like to fight an injured or an incomplete build in a duel? In my opinion, certainly not. The duel will be an unfair fight as the player is not even fighting at his best. You can allow the player to complete his build by using all the buffs. In addition to that, use this time to buff yourself as well.


Wave or Bow to Acknowledge

If the duel is determined, you can use any of the gestures in emote. While bowing is considered most humble, it can be a risky affair. As the emote takes a bit longer than the wave emotes, the player can start attacking you. In scenarios like these, we suggest observing the gestures of players in the duel. If they bow, it is safe to bow. You can also stand and not use any emotes. Unless you are respecting the player in a duel by not attacking, it is an honorable fight indeed.

Don’t Attack a Player using an Emote


While fighting my first duel, this was the only question I asked the player (before I defeated the invader). It makes no sense to attack a player as they choose an emote to acknowledge you. You can attack the player and begin the duel as soon as they are done with his gesture.

Allowing FP Flasks

In a duel, while it is forsaken to use healing consumables, you can use the Flask of Cerulean tears. As it only restores the FP, it is fair. Some duels also allow certain flasks of Wondrous Physick that offer buffs to the players.

Thou Shalt Not Heal

Although this one is a bit challenging, it has been the most accepted and honorable out of all. Also, it entices your enemy to call you a Mega Noob. It is fair to use Crimson Tears in an invasion. But using them whilst a duel is on is not favored by the community.

That’s all on the unspoken etiquettes for Duel matches in Elden Ring. If you liked this guide, check out our guide on the best location spots for PvP by level, best PvP weapons, and best PvP builds in Elden Ring right here on Gamer Tweak.