Does Diablo 4 Have A Secret Cow Level? (Answered)

By Shubham
3 Min Read

Want to know if Diablo 4 has or will have a secret cow level? Ever since the first Diablo game, the cow level has been secretly added to every Diablo entry. There was a cow level in the first Diablo, Diablo: Hellfire, Diablo 2 Resurrected, and Diablo 3. Surprisingly, the third Diablo had two cow levels. And this has got several D4 fans wondering about the possibilities of a Cow level. Not to worry, check out our guide to know everything about it.

Is There a Diablo 4 Secret Cow Level?

diablo 4 secret cow level

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is No. As confirmed by the Blizzard devs, there is no secret cow level in Diablo 4. But on the contrary, almost every Diablo game has had a secret cow level. And this is why several Diablo fans suspect that the devs are not being honest.

The Associate game director, Joe Piepiora shared that the dungeons in Diablo 4 would offer opportunities to touch back on dungeons from previous Diablo games. Aside from the darker tone of D4, these dungeons will reference lighter elements of Diablo. When Piepiora was asked if Diablo IV has a cow level, he said “I don’t think there is a cow level?“. Adding to this, Naz Hartoonian, the Associate game producer added “There is no cow level”. The duo also shared that there will be some familiar returning faces around the Sanctuary for the long-time Diablo fans to find out.

While the devs have clarified that there won’t be any secret Cow level, the fans are simply not buying it. Although as of now there is no news about any secret cow levels, we update this guide if it’s secretly added. Until then, you can check out our guide on how to unlock the secret cow level in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

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