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What Is Overpower Damage In Diablo 4? (Explained)

Check out what Overpower Damage does in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 has many complex combat mechanics and Overpower Damage is one of them. In this action RPG, you will face many fierce enemies from Hell. To beat them, it is important to learn all the combat mechanics in this game. While inflicting damage to enemies, you may see the damage amount in different colors than usual like Teal or Orange. In this guide, we will tell you what that means.

Diablo IV: What is Overpower Damage?

Diablo IV: Overpower Damage
Image Source: wudijo on Youtube

Overpower Damage in Diablo 4 is a new type of bonus damage based on the sum of your Current Life and Fortified Life. When Overpower Damage is activated, you will inflict a substantial amount of damage on your enemies. This can be very useful against bosses or tanky enemies. It can be compared to Critical Damage, however, there are a few distinctions.

  • The Overpower mechanic has a fixed chance of activation of 3%. You cannot scale or upgrade it.
  • The bonus damage dealt increases with the Skill that Overpowered.
  • It has a base value of 50% and is capped at 150%.
  • Casting a Skill has a chance to Overpower all of the damage it deals.
  • Overpower will not work on Damage-over-Time (DoT), passive abilities, and channeled skills.
  • Your chance of Overpower Damage cannot boost as a basic stat but can be guaranteed by specific effects.

The Overpower mechanic can prove to be a difference between life and death while fighting strong enemies. Foes with huge health bars are difficult to deal with. However, with this mechanic, you can land heavy and impactful attacks to inflict high damage. You will also notice the damage numbers are Orange in some cases. This is when the Overpowered attack lands a critical blow. This attack will deplete more health of the enemies than the Teal attacks.

That’s all from us on what is Overpower Damage in Diablo 4. For more helpful guides like How to Imbue Weapons, make sure you visit our Diablo IV section.