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How to Imbue Weapons In Diablo 4

Check out how to Imbue Weapons in Diablo 4.

If you like to use the Rogue class in Diablo 4, then knowing how to Imbue Weapons is a must. Among all the classes in this game, the Rogues are the most dynamic. They are agile and excel in using both ranged and melee weapons. This sets them apart as they can change their fighting style in mere moments. Apart from that, the Imbue mechanic is unique to them. In this guide, we will tell you how it works.

Diablo IV: How To Imbue Weapons

Frost Imbuement in Diablo IV

In Diablo 4, Rogue players can Imbue their Weapons to change the properties of their attacks to Poison, Shadow, or Cold. The Imbued weapons will also cause passive damage along with cursing the enemies. When you curse an enemy with Shadow, they will explode while dying. This explosion will inflict AoE damage on the nearby enemies. If you use the Frost, the enemies will freeze. Finally, if you use Poison, the enemies will take damage over time. So the Imbue mechanic is great for crowd control.

All Weapon Imbuements

As we mentioned before, the Imbued weapons also cause secondary damage along with curses. The secondary damage depends on the type of Imbuement you have used and here are the effects:

  • Poison Imbuement: Next 2 Imbueable Moves deal Poison Damage and apply Poisoning damage over 5 seconds.
  • Shadow Imbuement: Next 2 Imbueable moves deal Shadow damage and curse them to explode, inflicting 40% damage.
  • Frost Imbuement: Next 2 Imbueable moves deal Cold damage and Chill enemies for 50% increased damage.

You can also upgrade these secondary attacks through the Skill Tree to increase their effects.

Imbuing Weapons can help you get out of many sticky situations. For example, if you imbue the “Rain of Arrows” skill with Frost, the enemies will freeze, giving you a window to unleash heavy attacks. Or you can use the penetrating shot with Frost to hit a Treasure Goblin and freeze it so it doesn’t escape.

That’s everything from us on How to Imbue Weapons in Diablo 4. For more such content like How to Emote, make sure you visit our Diablo IV section.