What Are Treasure Goblins In Diablo 4?

Paarth Wadke
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Are you wondering what are Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4? If so, then this guide is made just for you. The Diablo series is full of formidable enemies, and this fourth installment is no different. With the return of Lilith, you are bound to face the vilest creatures from Hell. To beat them, you will need loads of loot. This is where the fan-favorite spawns, the Treasure Goblins, come in.

What are Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4?

Treasure Goblin Location on Map
Image Source: WoW Quests on Youtube

In Diablo 4, the Treasure Goblins are servants of the Greed, who are small monsters that carry a lot of loot. But unlike other monsters, they will not attack you. Their sole aim is to protect their treasure and run away, and they are mighty good at it. They enter the mortal world through portals to steal loot from fallen warriors. If you don’t catch them in time, they will open up a portal and vanish from the map to their realm. This will cost you some serious loot, as veteran Diablo 3 players know.

Where to Find Treasure Goblins (Locations)

Thaldraszus Treasure Goblin location in Diablo 4

Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4 are event spawns since they spawn rarely and mostly when you are fighting other enemies. They will spawn to look for loot from fallen enemies. If you do not pursue them, then they will open a portal and run away. So make sure you give them the highest priority.

Apart from finding them randomly, you can also wait for specific events to find them. The Greedy Emissary event features Treasure Goblin spawns in locations like Thaldraszus, Azure Span, Valdrakken, Orgrimmar, Ohn’ahran Plains, and Stormwind cities of Diablo 4. They spawn every 30 minutes and cycle through every area. The portal spawns five minutes earlier, so run to the treasure goblin icon on the map as soon as you see it.

How to Beat Treasure Goblins

How to Beat Treasure Goblins
Image Source: WoW Quests on Youtube

The Treasure Goblins have two strengths, speed and durability. Moreover, as we mentioned, they spawn during the heat of battle to look for any loot. Once they appear, you will hear their laughter and notice a Treasure Chest on the minimap. As soon as you see it, drop whatever you are doing and head to it.

Once you encounter the Treasure Goblin, use attacks like Chill to Freeze them. Then, unleash your strongest attacks on them till their health bar is depleted. Once you defeat them, you will get rewards like legendary, rare, and magic items, and loads of Gold.

That’s everything from us on what are Treasure Goblins and how to beat them in Diablo 4. For more such content like Who is Lilith, make sure you visit our Diablo IV section.