Should You Let Sebastian Take The Relic In Hogwarts Legacy? (Answered)

Let's learn if you should let fellow Slytherin Sebastian Sallow take the Relic or not in Hogwarts Legacy.

Are you wondering if you should give Sebastian Sallow the Relic in Hogwarts Legacy? This guide will show you what are the effects of each decision and help you decide your option. Hogwarts Legacy introduces many friendly student characters that feel like you are making new friends at a new school. They all have different personalities and you may like some and hate some. The game often provides you with dialogue options in quests related to these characters. But the outcome isn’t always different based on the choice, let’s learn more about this.

Should you choose to let Sebastian have the Relic in Hogwarts Legacy?

sebastian relic hogwarts legacy

If you have followed Sebastian’s quests and his stories till now, you will find out that his quests are all about secrets. It’s about the dark secrets of the Slytherin House. You will also keep learning how Sebastian realizes the power of Dark Magic but is not scared to face it if it’s for his sister.

Somewhere along the quests related to Sebastian, he will call you down at Feldcroft to visit his sister. However, you will come to realize that his sister is under a Dark Magic curse. You will also learn about an Ancient Artifact that can possibly cure it.

Once you reach In the Shadow of Time quest, this is when you will go and find out about the Ancient Relic. During this, you will get to explore some ancient ruins where the Relic supposedly is.
Once you find the Ancient Relic and know that it really exists, you will be presented with two options which are as follows:

  • We should leave the relic alone
  • We need that relic

Here is the kicker, your choice of this option simply doesn’t matter as Sebastian will still take the Ancient Relic regardless. It is because Sebastian is dedicated to curing his sister’s curse and he will do anything no matter the cost. After this choice, Ominis will appear and you will have the option to side with Ominis or Sebastian. Regardless of this choice, you will still leave with the Relic in the end.

That is all you need to know regarding the Relic and Sebastian. For more articles on Hogwarts legacy, check out our other articles like can you keep and store gear? and how to unlock Depulso in Hogwarts Legacy.