All Sea Of Thieves Islands Map Locations List And Coordinates

Here's the list of all islands you can explore in Sea Of Thieves. Find every location to navigate to using the map coordinates given here.

In Sea of Thieves, the islands play an important role (of course) and you may want to visit them to find treasure, fight pirates or catching animals and more. Now, if you are searching for certain island locations and want to know their coordinates, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and explore these regions and face their dangers and reap their benefits as well.

Sea Of Thieves Islands Map Locations & Coordinates

sea of thieves islands locations on map

Island Name Map Coordinates Region
Ancient Spires Outpost Q-17 The Ancient Isles
Plunder Outpost J-18 The Ancient Isles
Stephen’s Spoils L-15 The Ancient Isles
The Finest Trading Post F-17 The Ancient Isles
Barnacle Cay O-15 The Ancient Isles
Booty Isle K-20 The Ancient Isles
Castaway Isle K-14 The Ancient Isles
Chicken Isle I-16 The Ancient Isles
Cutlass Cay M-18 The Ancient Isles
Fools Lagoon I-14 The Ancient Isles
Lookout Point I-20 The Ancient Isles
Mutineer Rock N-19 The Ancient Isles
Old Salts Atoll F-18 The Ancient Isles
Paradise Spring L-17 The Ancient Isles
Crook’s Hollow M-16 The Ancient Isles
Devil’s Ridge P-19 The Ancient Isles
Discovery Ridge E-17 The Ancient Isles
Plunder Valley G-16 The Ancient Isles
Shark Bait Cove H-19 The Ancient Isles
Snake Island K-16 The Ancient Isles
Thieves’ Haven L-20 The Ancient Isles
Lost Gold Fort H-17 The Ancient Isles
Old Boot Fort L-14 The Ancient Isles
The Crow’s Nest Fortress O-17 The Ancient Isles
Morrow’s Peak Outpost V-17 The Devil’s Roar
Brian’s Bazaar Y-12 The Devil’s Roar
Roaring Traders U-20 The Devil’s Roar
Brimstone Rock X-18 The Devil’s Roar
Cinder Islet U-14 The Devil’s Roar
Cursewater Shores Y-13 The Devil’s Roar
Flame’s End V-19 The Devil’s Roar
Glowstone Cay Z-18 The Devil’s Roar
Magma’s Tide Y-20 The Devil’s Roar
Roaring Sands U-21 The Devil’s Roar
Schored Pass X-11 The Devil’s Roar
The Forsaken Brink U-16 The Devil’s Roar
Ashen Reaches V-23 The Devil’s Roar
Fetcher’s Rest V-12 The Devil’s Roar
Flintlock Peninsula W-14 The Devil’s Roar
Ruby’s Fall Y-16 The Devil’s Roar
The Devil’s Thirst W-21 The Devil’s Roar
Molten Sands Fortress Z-11 The Devil’s Roar
Tribute Peak Y-2 The Shores Of Gold
Golden Sands Outpost D-10 The Shores of Plenty
Sanctuary Outpost F-7 The Shores of Plenty
The North Star Seapost H-10 The Shores of Plenty
The Spoils of Plenty Store B-7 The Shores of Plenty
Boulder Cay G-5 The Shores of Plenty
Lagoon of Whispers D-12 The Shores of Plenty
Lonely Isle G-8 The Shores of Plenty
Picaroon Palms I-4 The Shores of Plenty
Rapier Cay D-8 The Shores of Plenty
Rum Runner Isle H-9 The Shores of Plenty
Salty Sands G-3 The Shores of Plenty
Sandy Shallows D-5 The Shores of Plenty
Sea Dog’s Rest C-11 The Shores of Plenty
Twin Groves H-11 The Shores of Plenty
Cannon Cove G-10 The Shores of Plenty
Crescent Isle B-9 The Shores of Plenty
Lone Cove H-6 The Shores of Plenty
Mermaid’s Hideaway B-13 The Shores of Plenty
Sailor’s Bounty C-4 The Shores of Plenty
Smugglers’ Bay F-3 The Shores of Plenty
Wanderers Refuge F-12 The Shores of Plenty
Hidden Spring Keep I-8 The Shores of Plenty
Keel Haul Fort C-6 The Shores of Plenty
Sailor’s Knot Stronghold E-14 The Shores of Plenty
Dagger Tooth Outpost M-8 The Wilds
Galleon’s Grave Outpost R-8 The Wilds
The Wild Treasures Store O-4 The Wilds
Three Paces East Seapost S-9 The Wilds
Black Sand Atoll O-3 The Wilds
Black Water Enclave R-5 The Wilds
Blind Man’s Lagoon N-6 The Wilds
Isle of Last Words O-9 The Wilds
Liar’s Backbone S-11 The Wilds
Plunderer’s Plight Q-6 The Wilds
Scurvy Isley K-4 The Wilds
Shark Tooth Key P-13 The Wilds
Shiver Retreat Q-11 The Wilds
Tri-Rock Isle R-10 The Wilds
Kraken’s Fall R-12 The Wilds
Marauder’s Arch Q-3 The Wilds
Old Faithful Isle M-4 The Wilds
Shipwreck Bay M-10 The Wilds
The Crooked Masts O-11 The Wilds
The Sunken Grove P-7 The Wilds
Kraken Watchtower L-6 The Wilds
Shark Fin Camp P-5 The Wilds
Skull Keep P-9 The Wilds

All you have to do to get to these locations is use the onboard map on the ship and sail to it. Depending on your Ship type, the onboard map position will change. If you are using a Sloop, it will be near the staircase, on the Brigantine, check behind the staircase and on the Galleon, you will find it right in the middle of the ship.Thank you to Sea of Thieves Fandom for this information.

That’s pretty much all the information you need to start navigating and exploring islands in Sea of Thieves. Now, if you would like to know more about how to get all curses, how to find and use ritual skulls, find and kill a Kraken and get ancient coins in Sea of Thieves, head over to our guides on Gamer Tweak!

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