How To Get All Curses In Sea Of Thieves (Full List)

This article describes all the curses available in Sea Of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves players can use vanity items called curses that they can equip from the vanity chest. They have no in-game boosts or benefits as such and are basically just aesthetic enhancements. They do however make your in-game characters appear more attractive and powerful. Here’s a list of all the curses in Sea Of Thieves.

How to Get All Curses in Sea of Thieves

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Sea Of Thieves currently has 4 types of curses in-game. These can’t be bought in-game and can only come into your possession by completing specific quests in Commendations relevant to specific Tall Tales. Furthermore, these can all be equipped from the Vanity Chest. Find all the SoT curses mentioned below:

Legendary Curse

This curse was initially called the Pirate’s Legend Curse and results in glowing neon eyeballs which shine at night. Furthermore, it also has a tattoo marked on the left shoulder of the bearer that glows as well. You can obtain this from the Vanity Chest if you’re at the Legendary reputation level. You also need to have reached Renown level 100 in the first season. Moreover, this curse belongs to the Legendary set.

Curse of the Order

Your character develops ink-stained eyeballs and has Kraken ink flowing through them. You can obtain this curse from the vanity chest if you’ve gotten the Fateful Memories commendation. This curse is part of the Order Of Souls set. Furthermore, this curse just like the others is only for appearance enhancement.

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Shores of Gold Curse

Part of the Gold Hoarders set, The Shores of Gold Curse requires the Seeker Of Grand Adventure commendation in order to equip it from the Vanity Chest. This curse causes the character’s body to develop patches of scattered gold skin including turning the right eyeball golden.

The Ashen Curse

The Blackwyche Reborn commendation is a requirement to equip this curse from the Vanity Chest. Belonging to The Ashen Dragon set, this curse displays a glowing coal-like feature. The curse causes parts of the body to develop gashes of fiery red glowing lines that resemble fire. In addition to glowing eyeballs, these parts of the body affected by the curse shine at night.

The aforementioned curses are the only ones available in-game as of now. It’s uncertain as of now if Sea Of Thieves gets more curses. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. Here’s a guide to help you get Ritual Skulls in Sea Of Thieves.