Ritual Skulls In Sea Of Thieves

Find out how you can get and use Ritual Skulls in Sea Of Thieves.

Ritual Skulls are an important unique treasure item in Sea of Thieves and finding them and knowing where to use them is important. These skulls are compulsory requirements when performing rituals. Moreover, you can even sell them to the Bilge Rats who place a high value on them. Let’s find out where we can find these in-game and how we can further use them.

How to Find and Get Ritual Skulls in Sea of Thieves?

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Here are a few ways to find and get a guaranteed Ritual Skull in Sea Of Thieves:

  • Skull Stash Voyage: This Stash Voyage purchased from Bilge Rats‘ Larinna, Stitcher Jim or Duke guarantees you 1 Ritual Skull. It may seem expensive at 40 doubloons, but if Ritual Skulls are what you need, here’s a sure-shot way to get yourself one. Remember, that this can only be bought once a month.
  • Slay An Ashen Lord: Defeating an Ashen Lord lands you another guaranteed Ritual Skull. You can only do this when the Ashen Winds world event is live though, so if there are none currently, you may have to lure out the Kraken. Here’s a little guide to help you Lure and Kill the Kraken in Sea Of Thieves.
  • Sink a Skeleton Ship Captained by a Skeleton Captain: The treasure that drops when you defeat a skeleton ship that has a skeleton captain may include a Ritual Skull. The chances aren’t that high, but you will want to intricately scrutinize the drops to look for possible Ritual Skulls.
  • Find Ashen Keys and Ashen Chests: In addition to dropping the Ritual Skull, the aforementioned skeleton ships may contain ashen chests and ashen keys which have chances of containing Ritual Skulls. You will have to uncover a fair amount of hours to look for these, and despite not being sure of landing the Ritual Skulls you seek, it’s worth a shot.

While using the methods mentioned above, keep in mind that some of them are purely based on your luck in-game. This means they may not always guarantee Ritual Skulls. Furthermore, the game introduced a patch to prevent farming and since then,  the treasure drops as well as chances, have been only decent.

How to Use and Sell Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves?

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Now that you know how to get Ritual Skulls, you can now put them to use. The ways in which you can use and sell Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves are:

  • Selling Ritual Skulls for Doubloons – You can sell your Ritual Skulls for 10 bilge rat doubloons at the tavern of the bilge rats.
  • Getting loot from Fort Of The Damned – Located somewhere scary in the Ancient Isles on L-14, you’ll need to gather all 6 flames of fate for this. The tricky part here is to die in a very specific manner to gain each flame. To begin Fort of The Damned, you’ll need to light up all 6 statues’ torches when you arrive. These connote to each manner of fate in which you and the statues died. Once done, run to the center of the island where a headless skeleton awaits its head from his cage. It’s here where you’ll place the Ritual Skull. The Raid will now begin. Keep in mind that though really tricky and challenging, the Fort of the Damned can land pretty serious loot if successfully raided.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about dealing with Ritual Skulls. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you like playing Sea of Thieves here’s a guide on how you can get the rare ancient coins in Sea Of Thieves.